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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And now for the post I was going to post before the panic... ^-^

So! Britt & I had an awesome day today. Instead of sleeping after work, we went to the Horseshoe with Heather & had breakfast. I had a BLT with sweet potato fries... I LOVE sweet potato fries!!! Mmmmm... Anywho. After that, we went to the veggie market & bought a bunch of herbs, flowers & veggie starts! Yay! And some apples to try out in our new dehydrator!!! We then dropped Heather at home (she'd worked a 14 hr shift the noc before...), then took our plants home to the porch. We then went & bought pots, soil & planters that hang off the railing. W00t. We also ran to the Bakerview Nursery, as Britt wanted to look at the yellow roses there. Well... we ended up getting a purple bell pepper, purple basil (I'm on a roll here... I got purple tomatoes earlier... ) and then we bought three rose bushes. O_O; None of which are exactly yellow... O_o;
We got a Marilyn Monroe (antique white-ish-pink-ish-peach-ish blooms), a Pumpkin Patch (dark orange blooms) & a Rio Samba (bright yellow fading into bright orange-ish pink). I'm so excited, I might explode. Here are some pics of what they'll look like!

These are the Rio Samba...

These are the Pumpkin Patch roses ^

And these are the Marilyn Monroe >

I can't wait for these lovely ladies to bloom! They have the most awesomely wicked thorns... I'll post pics of my lovelies as soon as I finish getting my patio in order & everything potted. Well then... I don't think I forgot anything, so until later, hope y'all are having a good night. ^-^

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