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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Almost Weekend!

So I painted in the bathtub last night... I need an easel or something... lolz... It was fun though, and very convenient, as I was trying out my watercolors. ^-^ Perhaps I'll soak in less hot water next time, as I had so much sweat running into my eyes, I had to constantly keep wiping at them... smearing paint everywhere... lolz... The heat lamps were turned on too, which I'm sure didn't help.

I got my first ever facial today at a little place called the Sugar Shack. It's right down the road from my house and is awesome! I've never been so relaxed, and it feels like my skin from mid-chest up is brand new! I loved every minute of it. ^-^

We're going camping this weekend, somewhere over in Eastern Washington, but I'm not exactly sure where... We're going with Tim, Bobbi & her family... most of which she doesn't like... O_o; I'm hoping to have a good time, but I still don't get why she goes every year if she hates all but two of the people who attend... Oh well. We'll have our car, so we can leave if it sucks... lolz... I am full intent on having a good time however!

There's a few things we need to pick up before we head out tomorrow at 0500, so we're going to do a wee bit of shopping as soon as Britt gets up from her nap... Ice cream always makes her so sleepy... lolz...

Well then, my carpal tunnel is demanding that I stop typing for now, so I'm off to wrangle up the clothing & bedding we'll be needing this weekend. Perhaps I'll pop back by tonight... Hope y'all are having a lovely day!!! ^-^

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So it just kills me how I can be in such a good mood yesterday about this time, and yet today I find myself so depressed, I don't know what to do with myself. I hate feeling like this! Ack!!! The stupidest part is, I don't even know why I'm suddenly so down. It's all so stupid... Gah.

Sigh... I think I'll finish my book, then maybe I'll poke at my watercolors... Since I can't sleep, I may as well do something instead of just sitting here like a lump, staring morosely out the window... -_- #

Oh yes, and to add injury to my less than great mood, I managed to slice my finger with my butcher knife last night whilst cutting melon... O_o; I think it's fine, but it opened up again and started to bleed a wee bit... now I have to find the super glue... meh... Hopefully later I'll be in a better mood. Until later (i.e. at work tonight), I hope all y'all are having a great day!

Oh, and if you haven't seen these yet, go to Pattee's blog & check out her totally awesome doodles!!! They make me feel at least somewhat better, so I'm sure they'll make you feel good too!!! ^-^

Actually, I think I'm going to go read & paint in the bathtub... That sounds awesome!


So I've been avoiding doing my chemistry homework for... a while... -_-;
There are so many other things to do, most of them outside, no where near my text books. Sigh... So now I've got tonight & tomorrow to read four chapters, answer the questions for them, answer 50 questions in the "Putting it all together" section, and poke at my labs, all before my test at 1500... Sigh... why do I procrastinate? I've never understood this about myself. I don't do it at work, so why in the rest of my life? Meh... It's something I've been working against my entire life... waiting until the last minute... Oh well. At least I have several hours tonight still. I have a very good grade in the class too, so I'm optimistic about all this. I just don't wanna do it... I'd rather finish my book... or paint... or shampoo my shoelaces... O_o; Well then, I suppose I'll not procrastinate any further... lolz... and get onto my homework. Hope y'all are having a good night! ^-^

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Day...

I'm in a pretty good mood today... Yay! I got some good sleep this morning (for once...) and have been up for a few hours. I planted some plants, I'm in process on doing laundry & the dishes, I read a bit on the porch and am now getting ready to finish in the kitchen, then make a grocery list & go buy some food... Macha chilled on the porch with me today, getting potting soil & bits of tree all in her fur... lolz... She was supremely happy however, so I don't think she minded ^-^

Our Mayhem Fest tickets arrived today... I'm so excited to see Rob Zombie, I could just explode... I. Love. Him.

Anywho... Off to finish my list of things to do, and perhaps get my shelves for my kitchen shrine hung (no, I still haven't done that yet... meh...)

Hope all of you are having a lovely day, and I hope that Ohio U gives a certain kitchen Witch a call with some good news very soon!!! =D

Until later... Zya!

Needed: Good Vibes

Hey there all... If you would be so kind as to send any and all positive thoughts to our beloved Zedral Z, she's hoping to get a job at Ohio University so she can finally come home! ^-^

Job hunting is one of the most stressful things on the planet (I hate it...), and I can't imagine trying to do it from one country to another... O_O;

Thank you my lovelies, and may you all have a most wonderful Monday! ^-^

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sleep is for the Dead...

So instead of going home to sleep like I originally intended, I'm at the Horseshoe, drinking coffee with Britt & Heather, awaiting our breakfast. Mmmmm... Philly cheese steak & fries... did I say "Mmmmm"? I suppose this is what I get for ingesting two energy drink while at work... meh... Oh well. I feel all artsy fartsy anyways, so perhaps I'll stay up for a bit after we get home & try out the watercolors I've been meaning to try out... Hmmm... My battery is dying, so I suppose I'm off to read my book. Back tonight though!


I am so glad Destinee's wedding is over & that all in all in went well. Minus the slightly crazy grandma with no filter, things were as close to perfect as possible. Britt & I ended up being in charge of a host of things we didn't know even needed to be done, but I think it's our fate to never be spectators... lolz... As per usual, I was in the kitchen. I seem to make a bee line for the place, and feel very safe & secure whilst in the kitchen. Any kitchen... ^-^ I also made up the bride & maid of honor's bouquets. I got the best compliment from Britt while I was working on them. She looked at me, smiled and told me that there was no mistake, I am my mother's daughter. ^_____^ My mom is very gifted at floral arrangement, something she apparently has passed on to me. It made me smile (and miss my mom...)
I also ended up doing the music for the ceremony, which thankfully was nothing more than a CD... (thank the gods... I don't think I remember how to play wedding music on the piano anymore... it's been too long...)

There were a few unhappy moments, but overall, things were very nice and Destinee was very happy & thankful for our help. She ended up leaving her phone in my purse, so I suppose we'll have to head to Lynden later today and get it back to her. We can also drop off the veritable truck load of baby clothes we got for her the other day as well... That child will never be in want for clothing... lolz

We didn't get much in the way of sleep today (duh...), so I'm going to kick back & read my book for a bit. Staffing looks like hell this morning, and I'm not excited to have to call so many people & beg them to work... bleh... Anywho! Hope y'all are having a great night, and I shall pop back by later. Zya!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is Good! ^-^

So! As I said before, Marzel was sweet enough to bestow upon me the Life is Good award. ^-^

To accept the award, I must answer her list of questions, then choose six people to answer a list of my own questions.

1) Favorite Haunted/Horror/Sci F Movie?

I really love Shutter, but I think that it’s not too terribly scary… more of an awesome revenge movie… Hmmmmm… Pandorum kicked quite a bit of ass… See it! A Haunting in Connecticut is wonderful as well… Or maybe The Fog? The movie that’s scared my the most, however, is The Descent. I will NEVER, on pain of DEATH, go into a cave EVER again… O_O
Wait! I have it!!! Beyond the Wall of Sleep, based loosely off the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name.

2) The most embarrassing thing to happen to you on Halloween?

I have never been embarrassed on Halloween… I love it. ALL of it. And it’s my anniversary… *Squee!!!*

3) Black or Orange?

Black AND Orange… striped… Preferably socks… or panties!!!

4) Have you seen/encountered a ghost?

Yes. When my partner & I were in high school, she went to our favourite graveyard & did some grave rubbings. They ended up in her closet, and she became convinced her room was haunted. Creepy stuff did happen, so she got rid of the rubbings, and then brought little offerings of coins, food, etc. to the graveyard to placate anyone she’d offended by taking something without leaving anything to begin with. About the same time, her little sister thought that her room might be haunted as well. She woke up screaming from a nightmare one night, having dreamt that a terrifying old woman had been clawing her way onto the bed from the bottom, and when Britt & I got in there and flipped on the light, it indeed looked like someone had been clawing their way up. I think she ended up sleeping in our bed for the rest of the night. The next day, I told her to take down the mirror she had facing the window, as I’d just finished reading that a mirror facing a door or a window can create a portal for entities from other planes to come through. She moved the mirror, and seemed to have no more problems, even though she took to sleeping downstairs on the living room couch… lolz…

5) How would you feel about me if I became a man?

I would still adore you. What does gender have to do with things anyways??? You would still be you… you wouldn’t be able to help it! ^-^ No matter what a person’s outsides consist of, their insides, what makes them them, doesn’t depend on body parts.

6) One scary, dark, spooky thing you are planning on doing before you die?

I plan to get into an abandoned asylum a bit south of here & take pictures… meep…

Alrighty… and here’s my questions, to be answered by:

Hell Muffin

Zedral Z

Tim DeBoer



luna petunia


1. What book(s) are you reading right now?

2. What is your preferred crafting medium (if you have one…)?

3. Is there a book, movie, conversation etc. that has impacted your way of thinking so profoundly that your entire world view has changed? (And what is it if yes…)

4. If you could make a living doing what you love best, what would that be?

5. Favorite carbonated beverage? (Energy drinks count!!!)

6. Have you ever read anything by Chuck Palahniuk? (if not, go grab Fight Club, sit down & read it!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

I'm in a rediculously good mood. Even though I'm at work. I'm determined not to let ANYTHING ruin my mood too, so there! Ha. ^-^ I recieved the Life is Good award from Marzel, which totally made my night, and will be in my next post at breakfast. I've had such a good week and such an awesome weekend last weekend, I could just pop. Scott & Heather are two of the best friends anyone could have, and I love them to death. ^-^

Anywho! I suppose I should get to work... lolz... but I'll be back in a few hours to answer Marzel's questions and send out my own...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me that I feel the most lonely when I'm in a crowd...


Britt & I had an awesome weekend (saved for another post...)! We did some cleaning today, and even though we're still not completely unpacked, our place feels better. I baked two more loaves of bread, and am going to bake two more. One of cheesy bread & one of cinnamon swirl bread (nommy!!!). The two plain loaves are cooling & the cheese & cinnamon loaves are busy rising. ^-^ My house smells soooooooo good! =D
We have our current fav incense burning, Britt's playing with our new acrylic paint colors (and the effects of dripping water), Birthday Massacre is playing & I'm getting ready to poke at some watercolor tutorials... I finally got a starter set of them today! I'm so excited. I've been wanting to try this medium, and now I'm finally going to! W00t.
Heather's going to stop by on her lunch break & I shall feed her bread & honey (we got lavender & cranberry honey this weekend!)
We've had such a wonderful weekend & past two days... This is what life is supposed to be like... wonderful & happy... Miich. ^-^
Well then, off to get the bread into the oven! Hope everyone's having as lovely a night as we are! ^-^

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As of tomorrow, we will have internet at home!!! Yay! I'll finally be able to blog from my porch, surrounded by my plants. I'm so excited, I could pop! *Squee!*

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joueuse de Tympanon - automate

And now for the post I was going to post before the panic... ^-^

So! Britt & I had an awesome day today. Instead of sleeping after work, we went to the Horseshoe with Heather & had breakfast. I had a BLT with sweet potato fries... I LOVE sweet potato fries!!! Mmmmm... Anywho. After that, we went to the veggie market & bought a bunch of herbs, flowers & veggie starts! Yay! And some apples to try out in our new dehydrator!!! We then dropped Heather at home (she'd worked a 14 hr shift the noc before...), then took our plants home to the porch. We then went & bought pots, soil & planters that hang off the railing. W00t. We also ran to the Bakerview Nursery, as Britt wanted to look at the yellow roses there. Well... we ended up getting a purple bell pepper, purple basil (I'm on a roll here... I got purple tomatoes earlier... ) and then we bought three rose bushes. O_O; None of which are exactly yellow... O_o;
We got a Marilyn Monroe (antique white-ish-pink-ish-peach-ish blooms), a Pumpkin Patch (dark orange blooms) & a Rio Samba (bright yellow fading into bright orange-ish pink). I'm so excited, I might explode. Here are some pics of what they'll look like!

These are the Rio Samba...

These are the Pumpkin Patch roses ^

And these are the Marilyn Monroe >

I can't wait for these lovely ladies to bloom! They have the most awesomely wicked thorns... I'll post pics of my lovelies as soon as I finish getting my patio in order & everything potted. Well then... I don't think I forgot anything, so until later, hope y'all are having a good night. ^-^


I feel absolutely stupid. I have anxiety about going to my morning class so badly, that my chest is tight. I feel panicky. This is ridiculous. I don't have this problem with my afternoon class, so why the morning one? It's so bad, that I've gone to school, gotten out of my car, walked toward my classroom, then turned around and walked right back to my car & gone home. I feel like an idiot, and this makes me really unhappy. -_- #
I've missed several classes (more than I've attended...) and my paper, if I finish it tonight & hand it in tomorrow, will be a week late. I don't know if he'll even accept it anymore.
I'm really upset at the prospect of going to class in the morning, and I don't know if I'll be able to make myself. I currently am feeling on the verge of a panic attack... I hate this.
I'm also a bit behind in my math class, as I'm taking it online, but since we moved, we don't have internet at the moment, which makes it difficult to keep up when I'm on my seven days off from work (I work seven on, seven off). I don't know what I'm going to do about this... but I'm really upset & need to figure something out. Avoidance isn't working...

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Randomness...

Angry about how non contract staff are treated at work... this emotion wrestling with the creativity that's pulsing through my veins (along with the massive amount of caffeine...), making me restless & itching to get home to play in my art supplies. To unpack my boxes & make my home... mine. Mine & Britt's. To paint, to craft, to cut & glue. To sing & dance. To play the instruments I wish I had (guitar, piano, violin... sigh...). To sew, to spin, to weave. I'm going to hang up the shelves for my shrine today. I'm going to clean my kitchen & air out my house (it smells like burnt popcorn still... ask Britty about this... lolz...) I don't ever want to sleep again, as sleep robs me of hours I could be doing other things... I want to quit my job & quit school... or at least go to school for something I like. Something I love. Nursing is not that something... a means to and end, that is all... sigh... But I will persevere. I will pass my classes & move onto the next ones. I will take a full class load this summer, giving up a chunk of my freedom now to ensure more (and better!) freedoms later... I can rest once I'm on the waiting list. Stay the path, Anna, keep going. You're almost finished...

Madd Tea Party!!!

IF you've never been to A Fanciful Twist's page, go there NOW. (clickety click on the italics...). She is amazing and wonderful and makes me want to go home and do nothing but give myself over completely to my artistic desires... ^-^

She's also the mistress of the 2010 Mad Tea Party!

Look!!! O_O A flyer!!!

As my bit of maddness will be at my house, and as I have a rather nice deck (sort of... ^-^), I thought it might be fun to invite others of like mindedness over and have a RL tea party!

So! I know of two people who are interested in coming, but if you read my blog, live close enough to come over in person, and want to dress up, drink tea, eat tasties, and attend a virtual tea party all at once, let me know! I'll give you directions to my humble abode, and we shall party!!!

(As a frame of reference, I live in Bellingham, Washington in the US...)

So! I would love to send out invites, so please let me know if you want one! Or two! Or more! = D The more the merrier... ^-^

I fully intend upon dressing up, along with Britt & our friends Heather & Lauren (who is bringing a slew of her BJDs, who will also be dressed up...), in something vaguely Victorian/EGL/I-just-escaped-the-asylum-again... lolz... Bloomers & a corset sound fun at the moment, and I think Lauren is coming in full EGL splendor...

Anywho! Let me know, my lovelies, for I would just love to have you (all of you!!!) there. ^-^

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Random Post to Pass the Time

Killing a bit of time before I make the calls for night shift for the ED... They get snippy if I call too early... We're off to Britt's parent's house this afternoon for lunch, as long as her migraine has left by the time we need to go. If not, she will remain in bed. Heating up leftover meatballs from last night's potluck. Nommy... sigh... I don't really want to go to the in-law's today, I'd rather stay home & just be with my honey. But as it's her birthday dinner/mother's day dinner, we kind of have to be there... Oh well. We have seven days off together coming up in two more days, so we'll get lots of miichy time then. ^-^

Mmmmmm... uber tasty meatballs... *munchmunchmunch...*

Snagged Britt some pizza last night, which she'll be happy to see when I get home, I'm sure. I'm so happy to be working nocs now! I so do NOT miss day shift. At all. Yeesh...


Called & talked to my mom & my grandma. I wish I could be out there with them. I miss my family so much... sigh...

Anywho... I'm outta here in an hour, or whenever Grace gets here... so until next time (i.e., tonight...), have a supremely miichy day everyone!
Happy Mother's Day! To all our moms, both birth & chosen. Despite the vast differences between my mom & I, she means the world to me and I'm so thankful to have had her as my mom. I am lucky! I wish I could be with her today, but as she lives 1500 or so miles away (why did she have to move to Iowa???), I'll give her a call and will have to be content with that for now. She and my dad actually went to go visit her mom in Michigan. I'm happy they were able to go, as my grandma is getting older and has recently started showing signs of dementia. My dad's mom, unfortunately for us, is passed on to better things. ^-^ I miss her. I sometimes wonder what she would think of me as I am now... and sometimes I fear I would have disappointed her... Anywho! This is a HAPPY post. No doom & gloom allowed! ^-^
I figure I'll call my mom about 1000 or so, as it will be about 1300 in Michigan... actually, I'm going to call her now. Hope all the moms have an awesome day!!! *HUGS*
Two words... Fucking. Awesome. XD

Friday, May 07, 2010


I'm worn out. I'm so happy it's the weekend, and even though I have to work I get a break from school. I'm going to hang up the dark curtains today in our bedroom, so hopefully this will help me get some better sleep. Both Britt & I are having a difficult time getting good sleep. I think part of it is that our place still feels kind of like we're staying in a hotel. It doesn't feel quite like "home" yet, but we're working on that. It will just take some time. I'm making chicken for dinner tomorrow (later today... whatever), and I think I'll make sopapillas to go with it. Mmmm... fried bread...
Had to turn on some... peppy-er music. Damh the Bard was not helping to keep me awake. Perhaps Rob Zombie will do the trick... ^-^

Thursday, May 06, 2010

What a lovely day!!!

The sun is out full blast! ^-^ After my tweak out last night, I feel a bit better. Britt's determined not to worry about it, as there's nothing to be done now but wait, and I'm going to do the same. I was hoping to post something on Beltane, but since I don't have any internet right now, I only get on here whilst at work. Anywho.

We had a marvelous Beltane, and I hope you all did too!
= D
We caught a ride with Reggie to her friend Kathy's house, where they usually meet. Kathy has the most amazingly magical yard & property! She has a space set aside for the circle, a Faery shrine and for Beltane, there was a full sized May pole! We had a blast dancing around it. ^-^ Along with Kathy, there was her husband Rick ( I think... I'm so bad with names...), her daughter Heather & her two children Bailey & Nora, Kathy's friend Linda, Reggie, myself & Britt. We had quite a nice time. Kathy led the ritual (and it was a very nice one) and then afterwards they had the kids & Britt & I hunt for eggs (like easter eggs, but better!!!) that were filled with chocolate, strings of beads, necklaces & polished stones. It was awesome. XD There were also little cinnamon dough ornaments with pentagrams carved into them that will shortly be hanging in my kitchen window as well as a string of three Chinese coins that I'm going to use in a money spell of some sort in the near future.
After the egg hunt, we sat around the fire and ate the tasty food we all brought (I made awesome fruit salad). We just hung out and talked for an hour or two... or three... and made some new and really wonderful friends. I can't wait to see them again. ^-^ It was the most wonderful experience & the warmest reception I've ever recieved from people who know me only through the description of someone else (who also doesn't know me very well... lolz). We recieved the high complement from Kathy that she felt like she already knew us. ^-^ As she grew up in Lynden, she did get a lot of things about us that most people just don't. After the initial nervousness of being around new people, we both felt like we were coming home to old friends. I'm suprememly happy and it's always nice to meet other people like me... sometimes I begin to wonder whether they do actually exist. O_o; They were all a refreshing reminder that I'm not alone.

Well then, I'm off to finish staffing & finish (start... whatever...) my paper as soon as I get home. Have a supremely lovely day y'all!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm going to Rage...

I should be doing research for my paper right now. Yes, the paper that was due yesterday. Instead, I'm so angry, I can't focus on anything at the moment. Britt got stuck by a dirty needle the other day in the midst of a take down. Come to find out today that the patient has hepatitis C. I am upset about this. I am angry, however, that the take down even became necessary. It wouldn't have been had the idiot RN just given the patient some medication when he began to freak out. He was a mental health pt., it's not his fault he was freaking out. He couldn't help it. The medication isn't a punishment, it's used to keep not only the staff safe from violent patients, but also to keep the patient safe from themselves, should it come to that. This nurse is an idiot & several staff have been injured because of her. I'm not a fan of medicating just for the hell of it. HOWEVER, there is a time and place. We won't know for sure whether she's contracted anything for about 6 mos (lots of blood tests during these months) unless she exhibits symptoms before then. I am scared and I am enraged. I want this nurse's head on a pike. Hep C is a death sentence. A drawn out one, but still.

Oh, and one of the best parts? The hospital wanted Britt to sign away her right to worker's comp. Ha.


I'm frustrated because no matter how many times this stupid nurse has fucked up and gotten someone else injured, SHE DOESN'T GET IN TROUBLE. No write ups, no suspensions, no investigations into her incompetency... NOTHING. I'm so fed up. So angry.

I feel brain dead and numb. I was hoping this would help get things off my chest, but I still can't focus. Still can't make myself do research to write this stupid paper. I want to go curl into a ball and cry. I want justice without mercy. I want my Britty to be ok.