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Thursday, April 22, 2010


So I went & signed the lease for our new apartment yesterday morning. Yay! Britt had to attend a CPR class, so she'll go sign it later. After her class, we gathered our cleaning supplies, and for good luck our plants & only cat we were willing to take with us due to cleaning fumes... Yep... Kyo came with us in his little urn, got to go into the new place first & currently resides on the kitchen window sill. He'll have a permanent place to sit on my kitchen shrine/altar once I get the shelves up (as the china hutch where he used to sit is staying in storage), but the window sill works for now... Ye gods how I miss him... :'(

Anywho... We cleaned & scrubbed for almost six hours & got most of it finished. Yay!!! There's still a bit here & there, but we can get it this weekend. Whew... I went to bed for two hours and now am back at work. Homework comes next & then to school tomorrow. Perhaps I'll sleep somewhere in between?

Subject change!
I'm kind of upset that in the recent past, every time I try to plan time for myself, whether to read, craft, soak in the tub,
whatever, I always seem to end up doing something else instead. I tend to not realize I've done this until after the fact, which is even more frustrating to me. I seem to be having a bit of a difficult time with this especially now that we're in the process of moving... I'll add this problem to the list of negative behaviors/habits that we're trying to leave behind us when we move.

In other strange news, I finally realized why our new kitchen looked like it was missing something... It is (kinda...). I was looking around today when I suddenly noticed that there is no microwave. We decided that we're not going to get one (how healthy can eating all that radiation really be???), but rather try to plan things ahead a bit so as to not need one. The thing I'm most excited for? I GET TO BUY A TEA KETTLE!!! XD
I'm such a dork... ^-^ ... and I love it...
Anywho. Off to homework! Hope y'all are having a lovely night! ^-^

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