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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm suddenly very discontent. I want to get up and go, wander, wander, wander... anywhere
I want to quit my job, quit school...
Working jobs we hate for shit we don't need*...
I want to go traveling. I want to sing on a street corner with the guitar I don't have to earn money.
I want to sit in the park and smoke clove cigarettes, which I can't buy in the US anyways, with people I've never met.
I want to create
I want to destroy everything.
I want to feel like I belong
I'll never belong to anywhere... It's not possible for me...
I want to be free
From what?
I don't know... I just want to be free...
I feel trapped. My outlook is bleak...
I'm sure I'll feel differently tomorrow. I always do.
But right now, I'm pissed off, malcontent...
I feel the wanderlust like never before, and I still can't answer the call...

*Tyler Durden, Fight Club

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