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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heave, HO!!!

Spent a good part of the day today (well, yesterday, whatever...) moving more stuff over to the new place. It's finally beginning to look like home. Sort of. I hung up my HUGE wall hanging of the Green Man, so the living room feels all nice & home-y now. ^-^
We moved the futon frame over to the new place, which was interesting as I had to take it apart impromptu, as we discovered it wouldn't otherwise fit into our car. Now we'll have to see if I can remember how the damn thing goes back together... O_o; We decided to leave the mattress at our current place so we can sleep with the cats for a while still, as they aren't moving until the 30th. They get lonely without us... and we get decidedly lonely without them! I'm not sure if we're going to move more stuff in the morning and then sleep in the afternoon or the other way around... we're kind of winging it at the moment... but then again, when aren't we?
Alrighty then... I think I'll start on this coming week's chemistry homework & get it out of the way. Hope everyone had a lovely day (I got rained on... quite a bit... lolz...) and I shall go do homework. Zya! ^-^

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