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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Giveaway & a Dumpster...

Alright my lovelies! If you want an awesome blog to read filled with kitchen Witchy goodness, THIS is the blog for you. Head on over, take a peek and follow Zedral Z. And, if you'd like, enter her giveaway!!! It's for lots of awesome goodies from Turkey!!! W00t!

And now for my dumpster story...
So we're moving. All of our clothes and stuff along those lines we've been packing in huge black trash bags, as it keeps them clean & easy to carry. Well Britt has also been packing out trash in the same kind of black trash bags. We piled a bunch of stuff up by the front door to load into the car & take to the new place. As I was finishing packing the last box we were going to take with us that day, Britt made a trash run to the dumpster behind our apartment building. We get to our new place and as we're unpacking our car, she began to wonder what happened to the bag she packed her purses in... one such purse containing our digital camera...
Fast forward a few hours into the future, we're getting up & getting ready to head to work when she suddenly realizes that she had indeed thrown away the bag of purses along with the actual trash... O_O
She was rather upset, so I offered to go dumpster diving on our lunch break, and so at 0230, we drove back to our old place, I hopped into the dumpster, rummaged around, found the bag (yay!!!) and hopped (scrambled, crawled, tumbled, whatever...) back out. XD
We then ran to our new apartment and I showered off... On the bright side, the dumpster had recently been emptied, so I didn't have to wade through too much nastiness... lolz... She also got a picture of me standing in the dumpster, so if I can find a way to get it off her cell phone & onto the internet, I'll post it. ^-^

All in all, I had fun and I'm glad we have our camera. Note to self (and partner): Keep trash & other things separate. Oops... lolz. ^-^

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