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Monday, April 05, 2010

Coffee & Homework... sorta...

Once again sitting at my favourite restaurant, at my favourite table, having eaten my favourite dish (at the moment it's BLT) with my favourite person (Britty... was there ever any doubt??? XD)
Anywho! It's a grey, slightly rainy day... Perfect for doing school work! ^-^ Just popped by quick and found a most wonderful suggestion from Zedral Z (Witchin' in the Kitchen) on how to do practice Tarot readings... I can't wait to get home & haul out my deck. ^_______^ She also has a very interesting Sutra to contemplate in her last post. Go here to see...

Anywho (again...)! I foresee a great deal of cleaning today. The power is back on & the kitchen is a mess! Ack! I think that I'll clean my house before I work with my deck... messy house = messy energy = less than clear readings. Perhaps I'll bake something today too... my oven's been out of use for a while... I also need to go grocery shopping...

I suppose I should head over to my online class website & log in & do any homework I might have. Bleh...

And, naturally since I have homework & housework to do, I feel super crafty today! Perhaps I'll get everything done & still have time to craft... and perhaps I'll drink a pot of coffee & stay up all night... ^-^

Off to conquer the homework!


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