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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleep Deprivation & an Update

So we got up at 0500 yesterday, went to sleep about 2030 & then got up for work about 2230... Soooooo sleepy. o_o I'm so excited to go home & go straight to bed. Yay! We're getting rid of our mattress & box spring later today, which I'm thrilled about. They're about 15 years old... We'll be sleeping on our futon from now until we graduate nursing school. It feels so good to be cleansing our space, not only of the normal stuff one cleans away, but also of all the STUFF that the two of us have been carting around for the past seven years because we're afraid to get rid of anything. It is so liberating. ^-^
Unfortunately, we've received, ah, mixed reactions to our life changes. Very few have been very supportive, but we're not terribly surprised & don't really care. The changes we're making are to make the two of US happy, no one else. We've donated out TV & bags of clothes & shoes. We'll be donating our three big book shelves, as our new apartment won't have room for us to have all of our books out. We're getting rid of our old mattress, as it gives us back pain, is ripped up everywhere & has been slept on by numerous people who decidedly, ahem, left an impression. XD

We're terribly excited about all this, and can't wait to move. I will go into more detail on some things in the next post, but don't want this one & my "Pagan Blog Prompts" post to overlap too terribly much.

Happy weekend everybody! ^-^

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