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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompt!

Prompt: In the Media

Pagans often get a bad rap when it comes to movies and TV. If witches aren't shown having green skin and a giant wart (think "Sleeping Beauty"), they are at least seen as connected to a darker side of reality (as in "Sleepy Hollow" or other movies with the village outcast being a witch). When they are shown in a more positive light, it's very light-hearted and less realistic (think "Charmed" and "Practical Magic"). Then there is the magic of Harry Potter that is more about fantasy.

Do you know of any movies or TV shows that cast Pagans and/or Witches in a positive and realistic light? What would it take to get a better impression of witches out in the media these days? Would better media exposure help raise awareness, do you think? Take this topic and run with it... Get your friends involved in the discussion, too.

Hmmmmm... The only movie that I can think of that even almost casts Witches in a positive light is Practical Magic... but even that one is iffy, and not very realistic. I would love to find a movie or television show, hell, I love to find a book written by a non Pagan author, that doesn't cast us in a less than great light. If anyone can think of anything along these lines, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'd be super interested to peruse your findings.

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  1. you might consider Buffy the Vampire Slayer which kind of shows both sides of a coin I think (you got Dark Willow, you got Light Willow) also there was a short lived tv show last season called Eastwick which was a bit interesting...


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