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Friday, March 26, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompt: Creativity!

Prompt: Creativity

A simple question today - how do you combine Creativity and Spirituality? Do you craft all the things needed for your rituals? Do you create one (or a couple different) kind of tool for ritual that you then sell? Or is the art created in ritual enough to satisfy you soul for a while? Perhaps maintaining your Book of Shadows is your creativity exposed....

Hmmm... Since most rituals I do (if I do them...) tend to have little to no pre-planning, I haven't had the chance really to create anything specific for a ritual. Most of my Spirituality as of late has been centered in my kitchen. Whether I'm cleaning, baking, cooking, whatever, I'm creating and working in my sacred space.

As far as tools go, the only really ritual-esque tool I see myself using would be my wand, which is a drop spindle (and is used as a spindle far more frequently than a wand...) Now there's a unique amalgamation of Creativity & Spirituality... ^-^

I suppose in a nut shell, anything and everything I create straddles the border between Creativity & Spirituality, as part of me goes into everything I make.

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