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Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I've had the pleasure of having a ridiculously anxiety filled day. It got a little better after I called my mom & let her distract me for a bit, but the old vulture is back, perched again on my heart, making my chest feel all tight & wonky. This is getting old. I feel like I'm going to throw up... sigh...

-____- #

Four and a half more hours of work... Then off to talk to my manager about something that has nothing to do with me, then home to bed. I think I'll take a sleeping pill... Just one this time though. Two makes me sleep for far too long... O_o

In other, less stressful news, I've painted my nails bright, sparkly red. I'm of the opinion that the colour ought to be called Ruby Slippers or something else Wizard of Oz-ish, not the rather lame Sugar Sugar... Hmph.

Wrote a thank you card to my manager today. It's strange writing a thank you to someone I don't really like, but who gave me a coffee card for my birthday, so I felt compelled to write a thank you note.


Seriously contemplating going to my doctor & asking to be medicated. I'm beginning to not handle this constant stress & anxiety so well... -__-;

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