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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hearth & Home

Hestia, in the high dwellings of all, both deathless gods and men who walk on earth, you have gained an everlasting abode and highest honor: glorious is your portion and your right. For without you mortals hold no banquet, - where one does not duly pour sweet wine in offering to Hestia both first and last.
~Homeric Hymn to Hestia~

Thanks uber much to Witchin' in the Kitchen for providing the article & pic of Hestia. As someone who identified primarily as a Green Witch (if I had to choose a pigeon hole...), it kind of surprised me when I suddenly began to feel like my niche was more in the kitchen... I read a rather interesting book by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Way of the Hedge Witch, which got me into the kitchen to begin with. I also discovered I absolutely love to cook. There are few things in life that give me the joy & pleasure I get from cooking a huge pot of soup, hanging out in my kitchen for hours listening to Damh the Bard albums or his podcast, cutting, slicing, chopping, stirring, tasting, adding pinches of this or that... Ahhhhh. And bread making... I love the feel of the dough in my hands. I love kneading dough. I love the smell of it while it's baking. I love taking out a fresh loaf from the oven, pipping hot, & just taking the time to smell all the lovely smells emanating from such a small thing I can hold in my hands. This, my darlings, is magic. This is what tugs at my heart and soul, making me feel glorious.

I bought shelves so that I can set up a kitchen shrine. I don't have any particular goddesses or gods I'm pledged to, but there are a few I have a particular fondness for. Brigid & Hestia are two, and are the Hearth goddesses that I want to have a permanent place in my kitchen & home. I don't have the shelves up yet, and probably won't put them up in this apartment, as we're going to be moving in the next month & a half, but I can't wait to get them up.

In case anyone's curious, I also have a particular fondness for the goddesses Bast (due to her connection with cats), Sehkmet & Kali (due to their attributes of fierceness, retribution & protection of women) and the god Pan, as he's lord of the Wild, woods, etc.

Anywho... I feel kinda like an uber dork, as I didn't really know anything about Hestia until I read the Percy Jackson series, but since that introduction, I've found her quite wonderful. It's a pity that there's so little information on her.

Well then... until next time! ^-^

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