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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Ostara!!!

Happy Springtime my lovelies! ^_____^ I'm so happy I could just pop. I love the spring! As Britt & I were driving around the other day, we saw several calves & the most adorable baby horse. The trees & flowers have been in process of budding & blooming for a while now, thanks to the insanely MILD winter we had, but everything feels different now that it's Spring. The frogs have been out in force every night, chanting in the swamp behind our house & there's currently a bird chirping right outside the window of my office. I feel so full of energy & sheer, unadulterated glee. I want to run outside & dance & whirl about. XD

There is much cleaning going to be done today. For starters, Britty & I are heading to the gym right after work to cleanse ourselves of the three-weeks-without-exercise-slugs we've turned into. Then back home to clean & keep packing. We have a good number of boxes that Lauren so sweetly has been collecting for us. ^-^

I can't wait to get home, turn on some music & make our house feel better, making me feel better. We also are going grocery shopping today. Yay! I can't wait to make some soup & bread. A smaller pot of soup than usual, but still soup! ^-^

I blew out an egg to add to my other two egg shells, so perhaps I'll decorate those today. Or maybe make some inchies. Or that ATC I keep meaning to get around too... O_o

After the past few days of feeling rather dead, winter-y & miserable, I can't even describe how good it feels to just feel good. I love it.

Anywho. Just wanted to post my happiness & squee-ful glee & hopefully give it to any who read this. : D

Have a super wonderful spring day & happy Ostara (or Mabon if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) ^-^

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