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Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!! ^-^

Yup. Today I'm 25. Go me. I've somehow, miraculously, managed to survive the past quarter decade & have turned out pretty ok. ^-^

Got really sweet cards from my parents, along with some cookies!!! I love my mom's cookies! She's also making me something, but it's not done yet. Ah, how I wish they could be out here to celebrate with me! Oh well. They'll be here sometime this summer. ^-^

Wonderfully enough, this is the first year in many that I'm not so depressed on my birthday that I don't want to even be awake. I'm considerably happier this year. I've got so much to look forward to!

Let's see...

We're taking Desty to go see Chicago on the 3rd of this month...
Belly Dancing start the 11th of this month...
My birthday Tea Party is... sometime this month... lolz...
We're going to a nude art exhibit later in the month as well.

Well, we're at Lauren's house, as our internet is being wonky & her's works, but now Britt's done with homework. Off we go to get energy drinks & watch Pitch Black with the kitties!

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