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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grrrrrrr.... Arrrrrrggghhh... Smack!

Yup... That's me, feeling kinda like a zombii. I can't wait to be off work so that I can go home & SLEEP. I unfortunately have a two hour class later today on how to hoist our... ahem... larger patients around in slings & what not, but I'm hoping it will be a short class (i.e. shorter than the suggested two hours...) I think I must be PMSing, because I feel like an uber Bitch. I feel mean, impatient with everyone, cranky & want to kick several people in the balls (sorry guys...) or in the face (sorry everybody...) -____- #

Perhaps I need to be fed? Hmph... that's just great as I woke up late & didn't get to pack a lunch. Sigh.... oh well. I'll be outta here in 4 1/2 hours & then I'll eat some breakfast.

For now though, I think I'll take a nap for the rest of my break, and hope that it will enable me to be civil the rest of my shift.

Nighty night...

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