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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Reasons for Sleep Deprivation

So instead of sleeping yesterday, Britt & I took her younger sister to the doctor to see if they could hear the baby's heart beat. They did! ^_____^ Destinee didn't get to hear it very well because the speaker was right by her hip, but both Britt & the doctor heard it. Yay! He said that it will be easier to hear in a few weeks, as she's only about 10 weeks along. We're so excited... We'll be aunties!!! XD

After that, we went looking for supplies for wedding invitations. Destinee & Matt decided to have a nice, small, simple wedding before the baby is born (she's due in October), so they set the crazy close date of May 8th. Meep... Not to worry however! They've got two of the best people on earth on their side when it comes to setting stuff up, making things work, improvisation at the last minute & generally "getting shit done". Who? Why, Britt & ME of course! ^-^ Along with Matt's mom & sister, we'll get everything done smoothly.

Britt's going to be one of the two bride's maids... we need to find her a pink dress... O_o This may prove difficult, or maybe not. We'll have to see. We'll keep our eyes peeled in Seattle this coming weekend...

After wedding shopping (we found an awesome cake topper too... roflmao...) we took Desty to the mall to look for maternity pants. She's not big yet, but we needed to figure out what size she'll need in the near future & then what size after she's a few months along. This was hilarious... Britt tried on the "baby bump" pad they have in all the fitting rooms... omg... XD
I just about died laughing... We did accomplish our objective however, so we can buy her some clothes in the near future. ^-^

She also told us that she wants Winnie the Pooh stuff for baby stuff... I can't wait to start making her things! I think a quilt & a few hand embroidered blankets are in that baby's future... Squee!

So that's why I didn't get any sleep the other day & wasn't complaining (too much...)

*does uber happy dance*

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