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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gak... Stupid Pills...

They're stuck in my throat. Bleh... Oh well. I'll chase them with Strawberry Peanut butter M&Ms. Nommy. Nothing much planned for the rest of today... I suppose I shall have to sleep eventually, as I work again tonight, but perhaps I'll read some more. And clean a bit. And perhaps go out for coffee... Hmmmm...

Turned EA back on. Contemplating donning eyeliner, but thinking I should probably wait until I get home, where I have to means to fix my fuck ups, as they are inevitable. I also need to get some new liner... this stuff's getting kinda... funky... O_o

Not feeling very nice tonight. I have no idea why. Anywho. I'm back to my book. Hopefully that will chill me out before I say something nasty that I don't really mean... or at least don't want to say out loud... lolz... ^-^

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