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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Disapointment & Inspiration

So we're not going to Seattle this weekend. The decision to not go to Sakura-con this year was not an easy one to make, but to quote Britt,

"It's not an good thing to have to choose between con, groceries & text books... The text books always win."

Not that we're really going to have to choose between going grocery shopping or buying school books (I hope... O_o), but you get the point. We have no business going to an anime convention & spending a few hundred bucks on a hotel & food when we're trying to move, get caught up on bills & pay for school. Unfortunately, our friend who we were going to stay with can't seem to understand this. She keeps pushing for us to go even though she knows that if we did, we'd be putting ourselves in an even worse financial situation than we're in currently. I understand she's pissed off we aren't able to go & it was kind of a last minute decision, but shit happens & Britt & I will not fuck ourselves over just to be polite.

I'm disappointed in this friend because she ran and told the girlfriend of the biggest shit-stirrer at work (therefore the biggest shit-stirrer herself...), who promptly made it her personal crusade to let everyone know what terrible, inconsiderate, flaky, rude, horrible, etc., people Britt & I both are.


So now it's gotten blown way outta proportion and I'm wondering again why I keep certain friends. Sigh...

But onto the inspiration...
Another one of the ER techs Britt works with apparently just made some uber life changes so that she can more quickly get through nursing school & onto a better life for herself & her kids. She moved out of her apartment, gave temporary custody of her kids to her ex & moved into a room. One single room where her bed & TV touch... She gave up convenience & comfort in order to get shit done. She did what Britt & I are desperately trying to do: Simplify our lives now in order to make our lives now & later better. I'm so proud of her for doing this. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for her to do it. She's happy though, and content with her decision.

This inspired Britt to want to go home & pack (if only she didn't have five more hours of work...) and inspired the both of us to get our shit together, stop lolly-gagging & just DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

We're going to go home in the morning, change our clothes, finish clearing off the book shelves & then haul them to good will. This weekend, instead of spending money we don't have at a convention, we'll be apartment & storage unit hunting, talking to our landlady and packing.

"Things you own end up owning you" -Tyler Durden

I don't want to be owned by my things anymore. I've been carting around boxes full of stuff for two and a half decades, and I'm sick of it. I'm ready to get rid of things and own myself for once. Wish me luck. ^-^

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