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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coffee & ... more coffee...

Sitting at the Horseshoe with Heather, drinking coffee & poking around online. Happy to announce that DAG has posted the March mini challenge & the Second Quarter Challenge!!! The March challenge is "Deranged Bunnies" & the Quarterly Challenge is "The 7 Deadly Sins". W00t. Perhaps I'll start making some deranged inchies or ATCs... O_o; You know... just to get the creative juices flowing... ^-^

Unfortunately, I should go to bed when I get home... But as I've have four cups of coffee (& and working on number five...), I don't think sleep will be coming easily. The unfortunate part comes here: I have class from 1430-1630 and then BELLY DANCING from 1830-1930. YAY!!! Oh well. I'll sleep somewhere in between. I always do. And I can sleep on my break at work. Yay. Anywho. I'm off to chug the rest of my coffee & then head home. Miich!

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