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Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice & the Inchies

Grace brought me the loveliest present this evening! An Alice in Wonderland Tea Party set for two!!! It has two cups, saucers & teaspoons!!! ^_________^ absolutely adore it! I can't wait to get home & make some proper tea... *squeeeee*

In other news, I've been making inchies tonight! Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures when I get home in the morning so I can post them when I come back to work. I'm rather proud of them.

Anywho... My stomach isn't feeling so well (I think I may need to eat, actually), so I'm off to listen to some more of the Metamor City podcast. If you like fantasy, urban fantasy & sci-fi, check it out. It's awesome. Until next time... ^-^

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