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Saturday, February 20, 2010

With Much Sadness...

My heart is breaking again for all the people who will be losing a loved one when Renee (Circling My Head) finally passes on. May she go from this world to the next with ease & may her passing be painless.

So rarely do I see someone who has touched so many people, a good portion of whom have never met face to face. She has truly been a blessing to so many. This world will be a bit dimmer without her glowing presence.

I am again tempted to write angry tirades against cancer, the disease I hate the most in the world, for taking several of those I've held most dear to me away, much, much too soon... But I will not. I've said my piece, ranted, cried & screamed... now is the time for peace.

And remembrance. Pattee has asked all of us, whether we know Renee or not, to light a candle for her. If you read this, please acknowledge the beautiful, amazing life that is Renee and light a candle for her. Think of her family, friends & all those who love her. Send them your comfort & love.

Death is the hardest thing, I feel, for us as humans to deal with. However, a small measure of comfort can be taken in the belief that Death is only the beginning. We are wonderful beings, full of energy. Thanks to physics for teaching us that "Energy can never be created or destroyed, it can only change forms." This means, I feel, that when a person dies, they are simply changing their form. They're still around, possibly reborn, but they never truly leave us.

Now I could be completely crazy, and I'm ok with that... as this belief gives me the briefest glimpses of hope & comfort in my times of greatest despair.

Sigh... With a heavy heart for all those who love Renee, I go now to light a candle. Know that you are loved. You do not suffer alone. Love & hugs & kisses.

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