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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pajamas, Zombii Petshop & School

Today has been deemed a "Lounge Around in Jamies All Day" kinda day. Well, at least until we go to school this afternoon. Pharmacology begins today at 1430! I'm excited to be back in school, even if just for this class this quarter. Next quarter I should be able to go full time. I am thrilled.

I got the most awesome early b-day present from Heather & Scott! I got a zombii Devil Duck & five little Zombii petshop animals, consisting of a cat, dog, bunny, bird & most importantly... A FISH. I told her zombii fish were real... hmph... ^_^ I'm going to drill a hole in the fish, put in a jump ring & turn it into a necklace. So excited, I could pop... XD

Hmmmmmmmm... I suppose I'm off to either read or work on my mom's surprise present... I also need to go to the post office today to buy stamps so I can send them their letters...

Well then... Off I go! ^_^

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