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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pagan Prompt from 02/18/10

What does Imbolc and/or Spring bring to/for you? What sorts of preparations are you making? What is your favorite part of this season?

Imbolc & Spring always bring me hope. Usually, Winter is a very depressing time for me. I hate it. I hate being cold. Fortunately, this past Winter has been a wonderful experience for me. I truly enjoyed the season & the holidays within, so while Spring still fills me with hope, it's not having to pull me up from the depths of despair. It's nice. ^-^

We've done New Year's cleaning at the beginning of this year, and are continuing today and tomorrow with some more "Spring Cleaning". Getting & keeping our lives organized is always a challenge for us, but with practice we've been succeeding more & more frequently. This has also been nice.

Along with cleaning out house, we've cleaned off the patio & are now making preparations for our patio garden. As space is severely limited, we've decided this year to try shelves & hanging baskets... maximizing every bit of space we can. We'll plant our seeds indoors in a few weeks, and probably get some starts as well later on. We're both immensely excited to have a garden again this year, and have high hopes it will be even better than last year. ^-^

My favourite part of Spring is watching everything burst forth with new life. It fills me with awe & wonder. I love every bit of it. Everything from baby ducks in the lakes & ponds to the Crocuses, which have already sprouted. The baby leaves on the trees & the cherry trees, which are already in full bloom (they're so excited, they just couldn't contain themselves... ). I love it all.

I'm very excited to grow my own herbs again this year. I can' t wait to be able to use things in my magic that I've grown from seed to harvest, dried in my home and have been able to fully imbue with my energy. I'm so excited I could just pop... : D

I love the Spring. Everything, even the very air seems to vibrate in anticipation. The whole world seems to be full of joy & hope & endless possibilities.

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