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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love as Thou Wilt

I got my tattoo finished (finally!) today! I LOVE IT! It's beautiful. I'm super pleased I decided to stick with just black... I can always add colour later if I choose. I'm content now with black however. I also discovered that my tattoo artist also makes music, and got two of her & her husband's CDs. It's kinda groovy rock... I love it. XD

Sitting here drinking Red Bull, listening to Celestial Wisdom albums & deciding what to do next... I think I'll tackle the rest of the dishes... perhaps some laundry... and then hang the shelves I got yesterday for my kitchen shrine. Today I think I'll head back down to the little store in the mall in Skagit to get the mini cauldron I've been eying for months... It's perfect for the shelves. It feels too small for use on my altar, but it's perfect for my kitchen. They have a full sized cauldron there as well, but $250 is a bit outta my price range at the moment... lolz...
Not to worry! I'll get my very own, nice, BIG cauldron when the time is right. ^-^

Alrighty then... off to do some more house cleaning & hopefully finish burning off the negative energy from a previous conversation. I think I'll throw open the windows & light the candles. That will help. ^-^

I plan on having a supremely lovely day, and I hope you do too! Huggles, glomps & Blessed be!

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