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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coffee, Homework & a Creep...

Back at the Horseshoe, drinking coffee, doing homework & wondering if the old man sitting in the booth next to us is a predator or what... He's looks to be in his late 60s, and is chatting on FB with half a dozen young girls... about 13ish? or so... Icky... Anywho... Ewwwww... Skeezy vibe is BIG.

Possibly going to go to Lauren's doll meet this afternoon, but probably not, as it's outside at Cornwall Park, and it's wet & rainy... O_o;

And it's Soup Day! I know yesterday was supposed to be, but it wasn't. I went into the kitchen last night, ready to cook, only to realize I don't have any bouillon. Oops... So after coffee today, we're off to the store to pick some up. Durrrr... -___-;

Going to work on my Pharmacology hw in a bit, so I have the rest of the weekend to piddle fart around. I was going to work on my programming, but left my stuff at home. Meh...

I want to do some serious crafting today. I suffer from having many good ideas, lots of dreams of what I'd like to make or do, but never getting around to actually doing them. I hate this aspect of myself, and am seeking to change it. It's hard, though, as I am a world-class procrastinator... sigh. I am a work in progress. ^-^

Well then... I suppose I'm off to do hw or something... Maybe pop by DAG first... Hmmmm...

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