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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coffee, Cloud & Crafting

Sitting at the Horseshoes, drinking coffee, eating breakfast (eaten, actually...) & doing homework with Britt. School today at 1430, but the rest of the day and night we have free!!! Since we just finished cleaning the house, we can now make a wonderful mess & craft!!! I'm also going to make soup at some point... probably tonight. Damh the Bard's newest DruidCast is up, which is what I'm fond of listening to whilst making soup. If you've got some time, hop on over to his website You can either stream it directly from his site or download from iTunes. No matter what path you follow, it's interesting, entertaining & has some truly awesome music! ^_^

It's cloudy again today, but there's little bits of blue sky peeking through here & there. Maybe we'll go to the beach today? We bought bratwurst to roast when we go... Mmmmmmmmm... I suppose it all depends on if it decides to rain some more...

Well then... Britt's ready to leave, so until I next find internet, have a supremely lovely day & Blessed be!


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