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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coffee, Homework & a Creep...

Back at the Horseshoe, drinking coffee, doing homework & wondering if the old man sitting in the booth next to us is a predator or what... He's looks to be in his late 60s, and is chatting on FB with half a dozen young girls... about 13ish? or so... Icky... Anywho... Ewwwww... Skeezy vibe is BIG.

Possibly going to go to Lauren's doll meet this afternoon, but probably not, as it's outside at Cornwall Park, and it's wet & rainy... O_o;

And it's Soup Day! I know yesterday was supposed to be, but it wasn't. I went into the kitchen last night, ready to cook, only to realize I don't have any bouillon. Oops... So after coffee today, we're off to the store to pick some up. Durrrr... -___-;

Going to work on my Pharmacology hw in a bit, so I have the rest of the weekend to piddle fart around. I was going to work on my programming, but left my stuff at home. Meh...

I want to do some serious crafting today. I suffer from having many good ideas, lots of dreams of what I'd like to make or do, but never getting around to actually doing them. I hate this aspect of myself, and am seeking to change it. It's hard, though, as I am a world-class procrastinator... sigh. I am a work in progress. ^-^

Well then... I suppose I'm off to do hw or something... Maybe pop by DAG first... Hmmmm...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

Sigh… Here’s to hoping today is void of less-than-great surprises… Yesterday had more than it’s fair share. After triple trouble, running around trying to get financial aid shit worked out and going to class, Britt & I did the only thing we could do... Stumble from the car to the house, strip off our clothes & go to bed. We slept like the dead...

Anywho… Britt’s not feeling so great again, and I think I’m getting a cold. Thank goodness for cold medicine (the good shit too… ^-^), Echinacea & tea! Along with new EA music, books & kitties, we should manage quite well. ^-^

I’m currently picking my way through five books right now. Usually I try to stick to just one, but I’ve made an exception this time, for no particular reason. The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, The Way of the Green Witch, Hedge Witch and Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen.

The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel is awesome. Written by Maureen Lindley, it chronicles the life of a Chinese princess named Eastern Jewel. Based on a real life woman, this story is beyond belief amazing. Read it!

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil is by John Berendt, and is fucking awesome. I love it even more than I love the movie, which is a considerable amount. ^-^ It makes me giggle & squee, and occasionally cackle… loudly… If you haven’t read it yet, DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

The Way of the Green Witch is by the same author that wrote The Way of the Hedge Witch, Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Hedge Witch is by Silver Ravenwolf & Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen is by Scott Cunningham. Although I’m not Wiccan, I’ve still found many of Cunningham’s books interesting & informative. I’m having a bit harder of a time getting into this book by Murphy-Hiscock than I did with her last book. I’m not quite sure as to why… And Silver Ravenwolf… ah what to say, what to say… I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the beginning of her book reads kind of like a tacky self help book… “I turned my life around & did it in two weeks, you can too!!!”


As I said though, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt & am going to finish the book & reserve further judgment for afterward. I learn something from everything I read, and I’m sure her book will prove no different… I hope…

There will be crafting today & tonight as well. I’m going to finish the letters to my parents, so I can get them sent off. I’m doing my part in reviving the lost art of letter writing. Grace is doing her part too… ^-^ Between us, we shall save it!!! Ahem.

Today is also “Soup & Bread Making Day”… or perhaps evening or night, as once I begin, I can’t leave the house for a few hours until it’s done. Britty & I chopped up the meat yesterday, so all I have to do today is chop veggies & soak the dried goods a bit. Oh yes, and download DruidCast #35, as that is what I listen to when I make soup. ^-^

Well then... I'm off to download podcasts, play with my cats & read a bit more...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coffee, Cloud & Crafting

Sitting at the Horseshoes, drinking coffee, eating breakfast (eaten, actually...) & doing homework with Britt. School today at 1430, but the rest of the day and night we have free!!! Since we just finished cleaning the house, we can now make a wonderful mess & craft!!! I'm also going to make soup at some point... probably tonight. Damh the Bard's newest DruidCast is up, which is what I'm fond of listening to whilst making soup. If you've got some time, hop on over to his website You can either stream it directly from his site or download from iTunes. No matter what path you follow, it's interesting, entertaining & has some truly awesome music! ^_^

It's cloudy again today, but there's little bits of blue sky peeking through here & there. Maybe we'll go to the beach today? We bought bratwurst to roast when we go... Mmmmmmmmm... I suppose it all depends on if it decides to rain some more...

Well then... Britt's ready to leave, so until I next find internet, have a supremely lovely day & Blessed be!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blessings from the Geek Gods...

Getting ready to wage unholy war against the evil, tenacious virus(es?) on my poor, beloved lap top. My wonderful little brother, may the geek gods bless him, gave me a list of freeware that should hopefully help. Well then, I'm off to don my armor & grab my battle axe... until next time...
*insert blood chilling war cry here*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pajamas, Zombii Petshop & School

Today has been deemed a "Lounge Around in Jamies All Day" kinda day. Well, at least until we go to school this afternoon. Pharmacology begins today at 1430! I'm excited to be back in school, even if just for this class this quarter. Next quarter I should be able to go full time. I am thrilled.

I got the most awesome early b-day present from Heather & Scott! I got a zombii Devil Duck & five little Zombii petshop animals, consisting of a cat, dog, bunny, bird & most importantly... A FISH. I told her zombii fish were real... hmph... ^_^ I'm going to drill a hole in the fish, put in a jump ring & turn it into a necklace. So excited, I could pop... XD

Hmmmmmmmm... I suppose I'm off to either read or work on my mom's surprise present... I also need to go to the post office today to buy stamps so I can send them their letters...

Well then... Off I go! ^_^

Saturday, February 20, 2010

With Much Sadness...

My heart is breaking again for all the people who will be losing a loved one when Renee (Circling My Head) finally passes on. May she go from this world to the next with ease & may her passing be painless.

So rarely do I see someone who has touched so many people, a good portion of whom have never met face to face. She has truly been a blessing to so many. This world will be a bit dimmer without her glowing presence.

I am again tempted to write angry tirades against cancer, the disease I hate the most in the world, for taking several of those I've held most dear to me away, much, much too soon... But I will not. I've said my piece, ranted, cried & screamed... now is the time for peace.

And remembrance. Pattee has asked all of us, whether we know Renee or not, to light a candle for her. If you read this, please acknowledge the beautiful, amazing life that is Renee and light a candle for her. Think of her family, friends & all those who love her. Send them your comfort & love.

Death is the hardest thing, I feel, for us as humans to deal with. However, a small measure of comfort can be taken in the belief that Death is only the beginning. We are wonderful beings, full of energy. Thanks to physics for teaching us that "Energy can never be created or destroyed, it can only change forms." This means, I feel, that when a person dies, they are simply changing their form. They're still around, possibly reborn, but they never truly leave us.

Now I could be completely crazy, and I'm ok with that... as this belief gives me the briefest glimpses of hope & comfort in my times of greatest despair.

Sigh... With a heavy heart for all those who love Renee, I go now to light a candle. Know that you are loved. You do not suffer alone. Love & hugs & kisses.

Pagan Prompt from 02/18/10

What does Imbolc and/or Spring bring to/for you? What sorts of preparations are you making? What is your favorite part of this season?

Imbolc & Spring always bring me hope. Usually, Winter is a very depressing time for me. I hate it. I hate being cold. Fortunately, this past Winter has been a wonderful experience for me. I truly enjoyed the season & the holidays within, so while Spring still fills me with hope, it's not having to pull me up from the depths of despair. It's nice. ^-^

We've done New Year's cleaning at the beginning of this year, and are continuing today and tomorrow with some more "Spring Cleaning". Getting & keeping our lives organized is always a challenge for us, but with practice we've been succeeding more & more frequently. This has also been nice.

Along with cleaning out house, we've cleaned off the patio & are now making preparations for our patio garden. As space is severely limited, we've decided this year to try shelves & hanging baskets... maximizing every bit of space we can. We'll plant our seeds indoors in a few weeks, and probably get some starts as well later on. We're both immensely excited to have a garden again this year, and have high hopes it will be even better than last year. ^-^

My favourite part of Spring is watching everything burst forth with new life. It fills me with awe & wonder. I love every bit of it. Everything from baby ducks in the lakes & ponds to the Crocuses, which have already sprouted. The baby leaves on the trees & the cherry trees, which are already in full bloom (they're so excited, they just couldn't contain themselves... ). I love it all.

I'm very excited to grow my own herbs again this year. I can' t wait to be able to use things in my magic that I've grown from seed to harvest, dried in my home and have been able to fully imbue with my energy. I'm so excited I could just pop... : D

I love the Spring. Everything, even the very air seems to vibrate in anticipation. The whole world seems to be full of joy & hope & endless possibilities.

Love as Thou Wilt

I got my tattoo finished (finally!) today! I LOVE IT! It's beautiful. I'm super pleased I decided to stick with just black... I can always add colour later if I choose. I'm content now with black however. I also discovered that my tattoo artist also makes music, and got two of her & her husband's CDs. It's kinda groovy rock... I love it. XD

Sitting here drinking Red Bull, listening to Celestial Wisdom albums & deciding what to do next... I think I'll tackle the rest of the dishes... perhaps some laundry... and then hang the shelves I got yesterday for my kitchen shrine. Today I think I'll head back down to the little store in the mall in Skagit to get the mini cauldron I've been eying for months... It's perfect for the shelves. It feels too small for use on my altar, but it's perfect for my kitchen. They have a full sized cauldron there as well, but $250 is a bit outta my price range at the moment... lolz...
Not to worry! I'll get my very own, nice, BIG cauldron when the time is right. ^-^

Alrighty then... off to do some more house cleaning & hopefully finish burning off the negative energy from a previous conversation. I think I'll throw open the windows & light the candles. That will help. ^-^

I plan on having a supremely lovely day, and I hope you do too! Huggles, glomps & Blessed be!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sigh... Britt & I had a pretty good day today. We went and walked around Boulevard Park, drinking large amounts of tea & enjoying the ocean & the breeze. We meandered down the paths to Fairhaven, poked about in a few shops and then headed back to our car. It was a lovely evening, which turned into a lovely night. ^-^ Now we're home, getting ready to gear up for some uber cleaning... as we're about to have a bunch of people staying over Sunday night after we all go out for 'Fetish Night' at Rumors. My computer's down with a virus, oh nasty, vicious thing... -_- #, so we'll be relying on Britt's for cleaning music. Hmm...

Unfortunately, I am not in the "Cleaning" kinda mood... I'd rather sit curled up in a chair with a pot of tea, reading some of my new books... sigh... I suppose I can do that after I've cleaned a bit...

I've been super bummed out lately about my family... I'm angry that they had to move away. My brother is the only one who actually seems to like me for me, so the rest of this isn't about him, but rather my parents & sister...

I'm angry that it seems that they don't miss ME, but rather the "me" they wish I was. I'm frustrated that I can't seem to be close to my sister, no matter what I do, as I can't just be myself around her. She doesn't approve... I offend her...

I see people with their families and pictures of them with siblings, and my heart aches. I feel orphaned.

I love Britt's family, and am eternally grateful that they've been so accepting of me. I love her parents, despite everything that's happened in the past. But they're still not my family. And I feel, once again, so very alone. Abandoned.

I wish that my family still lived nearby. But I'm afraid that even if they did, they still wouldn't like me for who I am & am still becoming. I'm worried that they wouldn't understand me, and things would be even more awkward than they are now.

I still have hopes that my brother & parents might move back to this part of the country. And I would LOVE that. Especially my brother. ^_^ He & I always have so much fun together... we're cut from the same cloth, love the same stuff...

I don't think my sister will ever leave Iowa. Her husband's family is there, and it's going to take something phenomenal to get him out from under his mother's thumb... my poor sister... -_-;

Anywho... I suppose that's enough sad stuff for tonight... Off to cleaning, then to the Horseshoe in the morning for breakfast & math homework.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Almost Time for a Vacation!!!

... And I couln't be more excited. I can't wait to not have to look at this place for two whole weeks. Two weeks of cleaning, crafting, baking, reading, adventuring & snuggling with my honey... Life is good.

Later today we'll be off to the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. I'm so excited, I could pop... What a wonderful V-day we shall have!

Speaking of which, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Hugs, kisses, chocolate & pretty things for all!!! ^-^

I can't wait to get off of work. We'll head to the Horseshoe to do some homework, then off to Seattle! Then we'll head home & miich around the house in pretty lingerie... Yay!!! ^-^

Well then... I think I'll read for a bit before lunch. ^-^

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Greek Gods & the Vet

Almost off of work! Yay!!! Then to the gym (possibly?), then to read (half way done with the last Percy Jackson book...) & craft, perhaps bake... anything to stay awake until 1400 when I'll cart my kitties off to the vet for a checkup. ^-^ Then I'll sleep (maybe...) and then back to work tonight, unless Danielle wants to pick up my shift. I'm not holding my breath, but it would be nice... ^-^

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

House Cleaning & Murder

I'm currently searching for a female serial killer who preyed on children (not her own), as Britt doesn't think that any have ever been caught (if they exist...). I thought that Mary Ann Cotton fit the bill, but she murdered not only her children (all 12), but also something like three husbands, a lover, a mother and a few others before she was finally tried & hanged in the mid to late 1800's. So now I'm back to searching... If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! ^-^

And now I suppose I should get back to cleaning, as I need to make my house chi feel better... My kitchen spirits are cranky... my house is a mess. I'm going to get as much done as possible before Britt gets home, as this will make her feel better. I will leave her the dishes this time, I think... lolz...


Great... just fucking great. My computer had a trojan... fucking lovely. I just scanned the damn thing like three hours ago. -_____-#
I need to buy better protection... arg...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sunshine & Free Time

It's a beautiful day!!! I have the whole day off... I am ecstatic. Britt's at the gym, when she gets back we're going to head to the beach. When we get home from that, I am going to spend the rest of my day & a chunk of tonight crafting. I don't know what... I'm sure I'll come up with something... ^-^ Macha is snuggled up to my leg & is being ridiculously sweet... lolz...

Had koffee on my porch today and talked to my dad. I miss my parents a lot today... I wish they lived closer... 1500 or so miles is not my idea of a good distance... -_-;

Alrighty then... I have no more focus for typing, so I'm off to do something else. ^_^

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

DAG Give Away!!!

W00t!!! A perfectly wonderful artist from Norway has donated a beautiful Dia de los Muertos pendant to give away! Visit the DAG blog here to enter! While you're there, why not sign up for the newsletter & join the Grim City Underground???

Happy Imbolc!

But just in case you didn't read the title, I'll say it again...

Happy Imbolc!


Sitting here in my office, happily admiring my new arm warmers that Jude knitted me. They are awesome. They totally brightened up my mood tonight.
One more night here, then two off. Yay!!!

Wanting to participate in DAG's monthly & quarterly challenges, and happy that payday & my tax return are almost here so I can get some crafting supplies!!! So. Excited.

Thinking going down the hall to make more fizzy lemonade... as my mind is suddenly blank of all the interesting things I wanted to blog about earlier. Oh well... I suppose I'll come back later, if I remember anything terribly exciting to write about. Off to lemonade!