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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sleep deprivation and Self destruction

So we didn't sleep much today... We went to the gym and then ran all over hell & back... Getting groceries (from three different stores... lolz), getting beads, getting knitting needles, getting sock yarn, ogling spinning wheels & loving on the in-store cat... It was overall a good day. ^-^

The only downer was when we were in Haggens, and Britt had me (try) to take my BP with one of those automatic machines near the pharmacy... I sat down, tried to stick my arm in the cuff, but it barely fit. Painful reality checks? I gets them... I know my arms hold a large portion of my body fat, but until that moment, I didn't completely realize just how BIG my upper arms are... T____T I haven't felt bad about my body in recent memory. Sure, there's things I want to change, which is why I go to the gym almost every day, but I am generally happy with myself. Today was the first day I can remember actually hating myself. I wanted nothing more than to grab some razors and slice off the offending fat... Loathing & despising my body was a rather foreign concept to me, but now even though I'm not miserable about my arm fat anymore, I'm still painfully aware of just how BIG I am... Sigh... It doesn't help that I'm currently bleeding to death and having an uber breakout on my face because of it... Meh... Yesterday I had an "ugly day"... and in short, it sucked. I'm glad it's over.

Today will hopefully be better. Britt & I are going to yoga this afternoon, and I can't wait. I. LOVE. YOGA. It makes me supremely happy! Unfortunately, her parents are coming over first so that they can do their taxes online... This is almost guaranteed to be stressful, as they want her to do it for them, and she told them NO. She said she'd be on hand to help if they have questions, but that she was NOT going to do this for them. I'm so proud of her!!! ^____^ Anywho... I'm super tired, and can't wait to get off of work & take Britt out to coffee to do some homework before the stressors descend upon us. Fortunately, yoga will follow her parents & their tax hoopla, so we (or, rather, they) will in all probability survive this encounter... We shall have to see...

On a much brighter (well, darker, I suppose...) note, I joined the Dark Artists' Guild. I'm excited to get started on this month's and this quarter's challenges!

I also finally started on my "Wreck This Journal"... Everyone should have one. If you don't have one, go get one. NOW!!! : D

Alrighty... too sleepy to continue with anything else... more to come when I decide what I'm going to do for my shadow box!!! ^________^

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