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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slackers in the Mist...

Yup. That would be me. Lolz... At work for CareCast training, finished with, well, everything so far... Had an ok time with T & B last night, wondering if they're gonna still be crashed on my futon when I get home this afternoon. I feel odd that they saw the previous journal entry, but oh fucking well. I don't want them to feel unwelcome in my home, I just wasn't feeling it last night. Feeling mostly better today, but still a bit odd. Lunch is in a half hour. I think I'll nap in my car, as I don't have enough gas to get home & then back if I want to be able to go somewhere with Britt later. ^_^ Oh well. A nap will be good.

I can't wait to get home to nap for a bit & then spend some wonderous miichy time with Britt. And craft. There shall be crafting tonight! Just us. ^-^

I feel all foggy... O_o

Maybe I need some more tea... two cups down... Thankfully I have a few more tea bags left. What I really want is a soda. A diet Pepsi, to be exact. Hmph...

Oh well. Off to finish practising.

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