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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Precepting and Poi

Happy Full Moon!!! Naturally, it's raining so we can't see her, but we live in Washington... What do we expect??? XD

Apparently I'm precepting Danielle tonight & tomorrow. Tonight, she watches me work my staffing magick & tomorrow she gets to do all the work, while I sit by as back up. ^___^ I love the second day of precepting. W00t. Anywho! It's lunch time now, she's reading, I'm typing things here and planning my day tomorrow. Also making hot pockets, as that's what's for lunch. Go me for nutrition... O_o;

As of now, I'm super awake, with more awakedness on the way. If this keeps up, I want to go outside tomorrow & muck about... probably literally, as it's raining. I feel like frolicking outside, and wish I had a pair of galoshes, so I could go puddle jumping... maybe I'll do that anyways... ^_~

Going to look up how to make my own poi, so that I can teach myself to fire dance. Youtube has a ton of 'how to' videos, so I'm relatively confident that I can get a good start. ^-^ Yay!!!

Nommy hot pockets... Mmmmmmmmm...

Not much happening on the crafting front at the moment... I have a hard time doing much between work, the gym & trying to sleep... I sleep far too long... Something I'm working on...

Going to take Britt out for coffee in the morning... partly so she can work on math and mostly because I love to go to coffee with her... ^-^ It will be nice. And best of all, she doesn't know it yet. ^______^ Mwahahahaha...

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