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Monday, January 11, 2010

Plans for the Day...

I'll be heading to the gym here in about twenty minutes, but after that, I've my whole day to do WHATEVER I WANT. W00t. I'm planning on making some inchies and perhaps an ATC. Or two... I'd also love to begin a doll (I finally managed to fix my sewing machine...), but now I'm not sure where the patterns ran off to... Perhaps I'll try my hand at firewater painting... I'll probably crochet a few rows on the caplet I'm making or perhaps try to crochet a few tiny apples, for what I'm not sure, but I seriously adore them. Maybe I'll crochet a bunch (a bushel, whatever...) and put them in a jar. I've also been wanting to try a new 40's up-do with my hair. Hmmmmm... Perhaps I'll finally post the pics of my wreath & cookies from last month. That would be just lovely. Hmph. Anywho. Off to find my gym clothes and then to go get a wee bit healthier! Yay!

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