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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy as a Clam...

Feeling much better this morning... afternoon. Whatever. ^-^ Went to the gym with Britt, Steph & Lauren this morning & had an awesome workout. W00t for endorphins making my brain feel happy! Now on to some house work & then perhaps a few inchies... or bread making... or both. Who knows? Mayhap I'll forgo sleep all together today & just bake & craft... That option is looking better & better... ^_^ Alrighty then. Off to clean the vacuum & the cat box, fold some laundry, freeze the remaining soup & then I think I'll be free to do whatever the fuck I want... including watch my Britty belly dance around the apartment. ^________^ What wondrous hips she has!!! ^-^ I'm so excited to take a class with her this Spring! It will be awesome. And yoga a week from tomorrow... Ahhhhh... life is looking better again. ^_^

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