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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dead Bodies Everywhere...

We'll be heading to Seattle tomorrow to meet up with Tim & Bobbie and then go to see the Bodies exhibit. Stephanie may or may not be coming, she hasn't bothered to inform us yet. -_-; Whatever. Today was pretty much shit, tomorrow's not looking good either... sigh. Sigh. I've slept the better part of the past two days... not a good thing. I'm currently forcing myself not to go back to bed now. I'm not sleepy. Not even a little bit. I just feel so heavy. So old. So tired. Breathing seems to be taking too much effort. Sigh. I suppose I should go do some of my bi weekly shopping (TP, cat litter, milk, eggs, etc.) as I'm not doing anything else terribly important. Muur. I can't even seem to get up the energy to craft or crochet... Even typing is taxing. Whatever. Off to Walmart, most hated of stores...

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