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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Meh... Kinda cranky again today... lolz. This seems be becoming my 'norm', and I don't like it. So instead of brooding and skulking around my house, I'm going to go hop a bus downtown, and just bum around for a while. There is a certain odd freedom that comes with taking the bus, my bike, walking, etc. The bonus is that I don't have to pay to park once I get wherever I'm going. ^___^ I think I'll go... I actually have no idea where I'll go. I figure I'll get to the bus station... and then decide where I want to go. Maybe I'll get something from La Vie en Rose... or maybe I'll go... I have no idea. I want to go someplace I haven't been before. Maybe I'll go grab some coffee and just wander. That sounds kinda nice. ^-^ Anywho... I had better be off, or I'll not get anywhere. See you all later... I'll let you know where I end up. And I'm off!

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