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Monday, December 27, 2010


In an hour & a half we'll be on our way to the Harry Potter exhibit at the science center in Seattle... YAY!!! =D

I promise a proper post (hopefully with pics!) in the near future! But for now, I must go put on some clothes so we can GO!!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! =D

Merry Christmas, my loves!

It's 0530 in the morning, and I have no idea why I'm up... o_O

I helped the brother in law unload a trailer full of wood yesterday afternoon, and a sore as hell today... So I'm off to take a bubble bath. ^-^

I managed to get a tree! =D

It's not hanging from the ceiling as planned, but rather sitting on my counter... I'll post pics soon. I also finished our stockings! ^-^

Alas, my internet is only temporarily fixed... I'm using a power cord to my netbook to power my router... It may explode at any moment... XD

So without further ado, I wish you all a very merry Christmas! I wish peace & joy & love for all of you & your families & friends. Have a wonderful, magic filled day my darlings! ^-^


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Damh the Bard - Noon of the Solstice

Happy Solstice, my dears! ^-^

Wanted to share the song that's been stuck in my head all night. Hope you enjoy!

And as the internet at my house is down until at least Friday, I'm wishing all y'all a most wonderful Yule & a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & a wonderful Kwanza! And just to cover any other holidays I missed, Happy Holidays to all! =D

May each of us enjoy our time with family & friends, and not let stress get the best of us. ^-^

Knowing that I've got you lot for friends is the best holiday gift ever. You bring light & love & laughter into my life. You are wonderful! ^-^

Let us welcome the Holly King & the returning light (and warmth... I hope...)

I hope everyone has a most wonderful day, no matter what or how you choose to celebrate.

Love & hugs & kisses ^-^


PS... If you celebrate a holiday I did miss, please let me know... I love to learn about new stuff like that! :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simon's Cat in 'Santa Claws'

And THIS is why I'll never get to have a Christmas tree unless I hang it from the ceiling. XD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out with the old & in with the new!

Good morning... afternoon... whatever...


I originally thought about posting this post in response to a question Amber from yellow flower.
She asked me if Britt & I have any Winter holiday traditions. At the time I told her we didn't, as we've only successfully not despised the Winter holidays since last Yule. ^-^

I was slightly mistaken, however. Last year, after I determined to enjoy every part of the year for what it added to the whole, Britt & I decided that we were going to make it a tradition at our place to do "Winter Cleaning" on the 25th of December. It's kind of our way of opposing the disgusting excess to which a good number of Americans indulge in for Christmas.

I was lucky to come from a family who always had very modest Christmas gift giving. My parents made the holidays about family & friends, giving to others (via time, volunteering, etc) more than receiving material gifts.

I remember one year, I think I was 8 or so, that my parents just didn't have any money for gifts. They were rather upset, as they thought my brother, sister & I would be upset, but in one of those "From the mouths of babes" moments, we informed my parents that we didn't care, because we had our family & that's what mattered. Looking back, I wish I could have taken a picture of their expressions. Priceless... shock mixed with pride. ^-^ They both probably teared up a bit... lolz...

No one else understood though. A few people found out somehow that my family "wasn't having Christmas" *facepalm* and got my siblings & I some gifts. It was truly sweet & kind of them, but I pitied them for not understanding that we still would have "had Christmas", even if we weren't opening gifts. I've never understood the importance to which people place on gift giving.

Britt's family was the opposite end of the spectrum. I didn't believe her when she told me, until the first Christmas we were together & I saw it with my own two eyes. Her extended family nearly bankrupt themselves buying shit for each other. It's the most insane vision of ridiculous excess I've ever seen. Very few things actually shock me, but this is one of them. Presents piled higher than I am tall (I'm almost five & a half feet...), taking up most of the living room space. Completely. Insane. But that's how her family prove to each other that they love each other. By trying to buy the most or the best gifts. And expecting to receive at least as much back. It hurts my brain. After seeing this, it was no wonder to me why Britt loathed the holidays.

Her hatred for the Winter holidays made me dislike them as well, because she was always so miserable. Add to that two or three Christmases ago when we went to pick her mother up from jail & ended up with her living with us for a few months (the worst time of my life, I shit you not), and here we have a recipe for some serious holiday hatred.

Now for the light at the top of the tree... ^-^

I've considered myself a Pagan for several years, and a Witch for almost as long. As such, I've moved away from the Christian holidays I was raised with & into the Pagan ones they were borrowed from. I still acknowledge Christmas in that I always call my family on the 24th & 25th & wish them a merry Christmas. We also go to Britt's parents' house for dinner on the 24th. Celebrating the family aspect of Christmas has always been important to me, and I see no reason to change it. ^-^

The thing Britt & I have changed, however, is that on Christmas day, we don't give gifts. We usually don't have any money anyways, lolz... We get/make each other little things all throughout the year. It doesn't make sense to either of us to buy a bunch of stuff for one day. Not that I'm against gift giving. I love to make & give gifts to people! But everything in moderation! ^-^

What we do on Christmas day is clean our house. We open the windows & let in the freezing cold air. We do a pre-Spring cleaning.

Our thought behind this new tradition is that we want to start the new year fresh. We don't want to take into the new year any old dust & cobwebs (no matter how much I love cobwebs...) of the literal or emotional kind. It's the day we start preparing for new things, new opportunities, new friends, new anything & everything.

We go through our clothes & make stop at Goodwill. We scrub & scour everything. It's exhausting, but both Britt & I felt so good, so wonderful & happy after doing this last year, we decided that it was worth making a tradition. We're finding a new way to combat her past darkness & shining light into all the dark corners. Nothing negative will get away from this cleaning, and we are better for it afterward!

This year I'm also going to add to the physical cleaning a spiritual side. I'm not quite sure exactly what, yet, but I think that I'll take some things from Serenity Athenina over at the Domestic Pagan from her awesome post about Winter magic for your home. Check it out! ^-^

Well then. That about sums it up as to why Britt & I no longer cringe once Halloween is over. If you're still hating the Winter holidays, I fully encourage you to revamp them in ways that fulfill YOU & make YOU happy! ^-^

Hoping all of you have most wonderful Winter holidays, no matter how you choose to celebrate them. This is the season celebrating the return of light. Warm your hearts with friends & family. Warm your hands with steaming mugs of eggnog or cocoa. Find your inner light & let it shine forth from you, illuminating all you see & do. Do things that have meaning to YOU & you will find peace & fulfillment. Blessed be!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Mutterings

Good morning! It's Monday, which means I've only got today & tomorrow off before heading back to work Wednesday night... @_@

So NOT ready to go back, but oh well...

Still trying to figure out the holiday cards... and now also trying to figure out what I'm making for the few people I'm actually making something for. Meep...

That stupid muscle I pulled in my neck yesterday hurts far worse today & is driving me up the wall... I think I may have to take a hot shower & rub something on it. Huzzah for Tiger Balm & White Flower Oil!

First thing to do on my list today is to finish baking cookies!

And apparently miss my mouth & pour tea down my face & chest... o_O


Anywho... I'm off to finish baking & drink some more tea. Macha promised to help with the present making, but I'm thinking she's more of the "I'll supervise" types... XD

Have a great Monday everyone! ^-^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Ramblings... ^-^

Whew! Keeping day time, normal-person hours these past few days is totally making me all wonky! I was up for about 24 hours yesterday, slept for about four hours this morning & then was up again at 0800. It feels like it's super late, but according to my clocks, it's only 1915... o_O

Such a weird feeling... ^-^

So Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows pt. 1 was awesome! =D

I can't wait for the second part!

Desty was uber happy to have a break from hubby & baby... she said that she's never been so thankful to just sit & do nothing.

She got here about 0930 this morning & I cooked breakfast for her & Britt (and me, of course...). We hung around the apartment for little while & then went to our movie. Afterward we just hung around some more. She played with the kitties while Britt painted a bit & I made soup for lunch.

Then I took her back home & napped with my kitties in front of the heater for like an hour... lolz... warm toes & snugly cats = bliss. What made it even better is that I was dozing on the living room floor, with the soft glow of my xmas lights shining on me. I love holiday lights! I think I may leave them up all year... Hmmmm...

Anywho. I'm off to go wake up Britt, who is taking a real nap in the bed, so that we can work on holiday cards!!!

Heads up, if you're getting a card from me, I can almost guarantee it will be late... But fear not, that's why there's 12 whole days of Christmas... for those of us who just can't get shit done on time. XD

Oh yes... and if you missed the original post & want a card from me, email me your snail mail to & I'll send you a card! ^-^

Hope all y'all have a wonderful night! ^-^



Good morning! =D

I'm standing in my wonderfully clean kitchen/living room, sipping koffee with peppermint creamer, waiting for my sis in law to get here. We're going, along with Britt, to go see Harry Potter today!!! Squee!!!

It's kind of a tradition that we take her to go see Harry Potter, whenever a new one comes out. ^-^
The baby will be with daddy today, so we get Destinee all to ourselves for a few hours & she gets to take a brief break from all the busybusybusyness. I think it's a win-win situation here. ^-^

In other news, I got my holiday lights hung up last night (early this morning... whatever.) I had two strands, which only go around my kitchen & part way down the hallway, but I'm supremely pleased with them! And now I get to buy more lights to finish up the hallway & the living room. =D

Anywho... Desty just called & I'm gonna go pick her up from her hubby's cousin's house a few minutes away. ^-^

Have a most wonderful Saturday my darlings! =D


Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday... and I'm DONE with Finals!!! =D

So I've spent the last hour happily munching left over pizza & perusing the blogs I follow. But now, since I've caught up on my reading, I think it's time for putting up the xmas lights I've been meaning to hang for the past two weeks... 0_O

Now that finals are over (WOOHOO!!!), I've got lots of time! YAY!!!

So I think that today, as I sip my spiced pear cider, I'll hang the lights, do the dishes, vacuum... and then figure out what bills need to go out today. Perhaps when that's done, though, Britt & I will go fake tree hunting again... I would really like to get a tree in here ASAP...

I've also got wreath making, holiday card making & present making on my To Do list, so hopefully I'll get some of those started today as well. ^-^

Well then... I'm off to hang up the lights! Hope y'all have a most wonderful Friday! ^-^


Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Last night of my seven on! Woohoo!!!


I'm so excited for some days off to clean & craft! And with my last final on Thursday, I'll finally be able to just chill out & not worry about homework, class & tests! ^-^

After I get off work, I'll be heading to Lynden to visit with my sister in law & her baby.


I just realized... I haven't posted any pics of him! What kind of aunty am I??? I'll have to remedy this horrible oversight soon...


I have grand plans to hang the xmas lights, clean my house & study for my chemistry final as well tomorrow. I'm excited for the first two tasks, not so much for the second. Meh... I'm so ready to be done with this class... It's not that I dislike chemistry. Quite the opposite, actually, I just have had quite enough of the disorganized, moody disaster that is my teacher. Oh well. One more day of class & I'm DONE! =D

I best get back to hunting down staff requests for day shift, so I'll pop back in later & show off my supremely adorable nephew. ^-^


Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Mutterings...

I should be in bed, happily asleep, so that I can be bright eyed & bushy tailed at work tonight. Or at least somewhat awake... o_O

But instead, I caught up on my NCIS episodes, poked through some blog posts, began my in depth research about successful e-zines, researched ipads & Wacom n
Intuos4 tablets, and decided that neither are quite what I'm looking for. Don't get me wrong, they're both fantastic, but still not quite what I'm looking for. I'm actually not quite sure what I'm looking for, but know that neither of them is quite it (not that I'd complain if Santa happened to drop either... or both? off at my house... ) Huh...


Anywho... Along with a bunch of other lovely bloggers, I'm making holiday cards this year. If you'd like a snail mail card, please email your address to:

Just to let you know, they will probably arrive late. I rarely get anything out on time, I'm aiming for several days before Yule, but like I said...

I'll be late to my own funeral... lolz...


Anywho, I'd love to send you a card if you'd like one!

Well then... I'm either off to go to bed & try & sleep (so not sleepy...) or to work on chemistry. Either way, I'll be doing something I've got to do eventually. ^-^

Happy Monday to y'all & I hope you're having a marvelous day! ^-^


Thursday, December 02, 2010


The paper is written. I have now been up for 29 hours. I'm going to go lay in bed until I must get up for chemistry. Unless I skip class today. Hm... Tempting... ^_~

Anywho... Perhaps a post of substance tonight whilst at work? Perhaps...

Nighty night my darlings!

Oh. And for all of those who may need it, here's some extra big hugs & kisses. ^-^
And since I ganked the image from this site, I figured I'd be a good little blogger & cite my sources. XD

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


My brain is refusing to cooperate... o_O

It knows I have to have this paper finished by 1000 tomorrow morning, yet it's refusing to focus...



I think I need to learn to write my papers at the beginning of the school quarter, when I'm still excited to be starting out, as opposed to the end, where I'm just so very ready to be finished.


It also doesn't help that the topics I find interesting I have a difficult time finding peer reviewed article on. At least free peer reviewed articles. Gah... Does no one else find it interesting that so many other cultures had/have more than just two genders???
And if they do, then why must they charge so much for their articles? Ack.

Anywho... I'm done ranting for the moment, and off to try & find some usable resources for my paper, as all the resources I thought I had, aren't terribly useful after all.


Hoping everyone had a wonderful first day of December! ^-^


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3am musings...

I'm sitting here, on my living room floor, curled up in front of the heater with a mug of candy cane cocoa. Enjoying the silence of the wee hours of the morning, before the cats wake up to terrorize the house/each other... Before Britt gets up & we go about our daily business & go to school. It's so nice & quiet. ^-^

There's a million things I could/should be doing right now, but I'm insisting that they wait for a bit. I'm fully enjoying doing nothing right now. ^-^

I'm feeling very introspective as of late, and I'm terribly excited for school to finish so I can focus my, well, focus, inward. ^-^

Going back to sitting here & doing nothing now, so I hope you have a most wonderful day. ^-^


P.S. Clicky the pic for an awesome shop! =D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday...

... I hate the day after Thanksgiving. Mostly due to the fact that it almost always ends up on my payday, which means I have bills to pay, errands to run & grocery shopping to do, but all the damn psychos out there make me want to hide in my apartment all day.

I tried to convince Britt that we didn't need to to go out for anything until tonight, hopefully after all the crazies have spent their entire net worth on random shit... But I got vetoed, as we really need a heater & she's worried they'll all be gone if we wait too long. Sigh...

So as soon as she gets up from her nap, eats some of the massive amount of turkey we have left over & gets ready, we'll go brave the insanity that is American consumerism at it's best(worst).



I wanted to wear my machete strapped to my belt, you know, just to encourage people to give me my space and all, but I'll probably be shot down with that idea too... le sigh. ^_~

Hope all y'all are having a good day! ^-^

Thursday, November 25, 2010

TURKEY! (Uber pic heavy!!!)

Alrighty. So today I baked my very first turkey. I feel that it went rather well. Nothing burned or exploded, and it turned out moist enough to eat without it being necessary to slather it in gravy. Not that that's a bad idea anyways...

First a wee bit of back story to explain. We usually go to Britt's parents' house on holidays, as they live about 45 minutes away & my family lives about 1500 miles away. We all decided not to have Thanksgiving at their house this year, due to snow & that Britt is working today/tonight.

So. Britt's dad drops by a few days ago & brings us a turkey on his way to bring her younger sister & her husband a turkey as well. It's very sweet of him. He's a wonderful guy like that. ^-^

The only thing is, he brings us a 23 lb. bird...

23 lbs.

There's only two of us & three cats... omfg, what am I going to do with it all???


I'm having visions of eating turkey until next Christmas... X_X

So I'm going to get my mom's recipe for turkey soup... and make a few turkey pot pies... and I'm not quite sure what else. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Seriously. ^-^

Well then. Onto the massive amount of pictures! =D

This is my newly cleared & slightly re-arranged counter. See? No more dishes. I have conquered...

And this is my stove, graced by one of Britt's wonderful mixed media projects. ^-^

Here we have my cookbooks, etc. & the all important koffee pot. And the turkey pan, which almost wasn't big enough... @_@

Our recipe box, just 'cause it's awesome...

Soaking the bird in the tub, as it wouldn't fit into my sink. Yep. 23 lbs. of bird = too big for tiny-ass kitchen sink.


I ended up cutting the neck into three parts in order to fit it into the baggie I placed the giblets into, as I'm going to be making broth with them later. One of the parts I sliced was just perfect & I was able to see & poke at the spinal cord. It was so cool. XD

Bird in the pan. Woohoo for not making a mess (so far...)

Top view, compared to my stove... So. Much. Turkey... @_@

I mixed a bunch of herbs together & then mixed that mixture with olive oil. I then had way too much fun separating the skin from the muscle so I could rub in the herb mixture. That, too, was way cool... ^-^

Um, yes... I then realized that I had put the turkey in the pan before I had bagged it... Oops...

Trying to figure out how to hold open the bag & transfer turkey all at the same time...

I ended up sticking my left hand/forearm (like almost up to my elbow...) into the cavity & then looking like some strange, turkey-wielding maniac, managed to heave the thing into it's bag. There was much profanity. My cats were terribly helpful & just stared, praying I'd drop the damn thing...

But I managed not to, and here we are, all ready to bake! Huzzah! =D

Three and a half hours later, all baked & ready to eat!


Phiphi begs...

As does Lhu... He insists he's far too adorable to not give turkey to... So they both get some turkey, but Phiphi insists, he demands...


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have had a most wonderful day!


btw... yes, I am wearing the most awesome fleece footy pajamas in the world. They even have stars on them that glow in the dark. I love it! XD


So I took a gander out my window just a moment ago. Just a quick peek, mind you, out the tiniest of spaces between the wall & the curtain. What to my wondering eyes appeared?

Copious amounts of fluffy whiteness, descending from the sky. Vigorously. o_O

Sigh. Looks like I'll probably be working tonight after all... Ah well. I don't mind too terribly much. ^-^

Now to charge up the iPod & make sure I have suitable music on it, as I'll probably have to share my office with either my manager or sub-manager tonight. Meh...

On the bright side, the snow is very pretty! I love the white blanket, laying over everything. ^-^

The view out my kitchen window... I could cry for my lack of lovely evergreens... I was SO looking forward to having them covered in snow! Sigh. The Dia de los Muertos Pixie Stick makes me feel better though. ^-^

The parking lot at my apartment complex...

I love the monochrome of this pic... the roof tops, sky & buildings... all nice shades of white & grey. ^-^

Aaaand more parking lot. ^-^

No matter where you are today, whether you have snow or sun, travel safely!


Happy Turkey Day! ^-^

Happy Thanksgiving, my darlings! ^-^

I'm up after sleeping for a few hours, as the caffeine gremlins that live in my head finally kicked me awake, demanding sustenance.


Ah well, there are worse ways to wake up I suppose... ^-^

So now here I sit with my coffee (no Irish cream til later though... ), typing & thinking about all the wonderful stuff I'm thankful for.

On this supremely long list, is all of the wonderful people I've met since I joined Blogger a few months ago. You all are a major part of the community I so crave, yet can't seem to find in my home town. You inspire me to create & to do, and for this, I am most grateful. You all are wonderful & I love you. ^-^

So to everyone reading this, thank you. It means so much to me to be able to connect with so many people, from so many walks of life, at so many different points in their lives. You all help make me a happier, healthier person, inside & out. ^-^

Happy Thanksgiving. May today & the rest of your days be filled with love and light & friendship. Blessed be.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy wind, Batman! @_@

It's so windy... I'm half afraid my apartment's going to blow away & that when I wake up tonight to head to work I'll be in Canada o_O

It's still FREEZING here, and it sprinkled a few wee flakes of snow earlier today, but from what I can tell, still no more snow to speak of, really. Unless the blizzard created by snow from the roofs & trees being blown about counts? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I should be going to bed, as I have to be up in a few hours to go to work, but I'm not sleepy... and it's cold. And I have the headache from HELL. Three advil & two excedrin & it STILL will NOT GO AWAY.

Sorry for the shouting, but I'm getting peeved... ^_~

Anywho. On a brighter note, only two more nights of work & then I'll have seven of them off. Unless we get more snow, then I'll be working if the the other night shift lady calls in due to weather. I could use the extra hours, but I'm sick of being at the hospital... So I'll just not hope for either & be content with what happens. ^-^

I have dubbed Wednesday "Poke-at-the-sewing-machine-while-preparing-to-cook-the-turkey Day" I'm going to see if I can't get the poor thing back in working order (the machine, not the turkey... there's no help for him).


Alrighty. The headache demands that I stop staring at this lovely screen & go to bed. RIGHT NOW. So I'm going to give in to this bullying for once & try to get some sleep. ^-^

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday & I shall return sometime very early tomorrow morning. Nighty night! ^-^


Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have ICICLES!!!

Yep. Right outside my office window. Makes me happy, 'cause I love icicles. Natures most perfect murder weapon... lolz...

Anywho... We got about three or four inches of snow (give or take...) and already there's been a heard of hospital employees trying everything in the book to get out of coming to work. We're a hospital, we don't get snow days... -___-#

I don't expect people to put themselves in grave danger to get here, but seriously? Four inches of snow? It's not like snow is a new thing up here... I know we don't usually get snow like they do in, say, Denver or the Midwest, but we still get it, so it's not like people up here have never seen or driven in it. Add to that the mass amount of emails that have gone out from our higher-ups this past week concerning inclement weather, and it's not like they didn't know it was comning. Hmph.

Anywho... I'll be outta here in three and a half hours. Then I'll be home, back into my footy pajamas, sipping tea & snuggling my honey & kitties. Ahhhhh... life will be good. ^-^

Perhaps I'll even finish my stack of dishes... who knows?

Or maybe I'll youtube "How to maintain a sewing machine" and then poke at mine, since it will cost more to get it looked at by someone than I paid for it in the first place. And it will take like two weeks... @_@

So I figure I'll just try my hand at it. After all, I can't make it worse. ^-^

Alrighty... I'm gonna research for my paper until my staffing request sheets come in, so everyone have a happy, safe Saturday. ^-^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I've got another loaf of bread rising, this one half white flour & half rye. It's considerably drier than the last dough was, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. ^-^

Thinking about making some more soup tonight, as I've now only got one little container left in my fridge... @_@

My, my... that went faster than usual.

I've got Lhu snuggled up next to me on the living room floor, while Phiphi & Macha hog both chairs.

13 minutes til I braid the bread...

I'm thinking it's a snuggle-up-&-watch-a-movie kinda evening. Britt's at work until 0100, so I've got several hours to kill. ^-^
I've still got a few dishes taunting me, but I'll take care of them after I snuggle down with my kitties & blankets & vegetate in front of Netflix for a bit. ^-^

I'm also going to be making cinnamon bread tonight, as Britt's folks are coming over sometime tomorrow, and hospitality suggests that I feed & caffeinate them. ^-^

Well then... off to go find a movie & snuggle my kitties! =D


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rainy Saturday & the Inverted Yule Tree

It's chilly too. My friend told me that it snowed a wee bit this morning after she got off work. I'm choosing to believe that she was hallucinating...


Anywho. The bread I made yesterday was simply fantastic. It was hailed as the best bread I've ever made. EVER. And it was eaten... all of it. So now I'm about to make more biga, so I can make more bread. ^-^

The soup is supremely tasty too, and I only have three containers left from the big-ass pot I made... I think I'll be making more soup on Tuesday, probably. I never did get the chicken into this pot, as there wasn't enough room once I added the dried beans, rice, tortellini & veggies... lol...

My sleeping hours are all out of whack, though, so I think I'll head back to bed until Britt gets up & then stay up the rest of the night with her. I hate it when we have different sleeping hours... bleh... My only problem is that I'm not really sleepy... So perhaps I'll stay up. I don't know.

All I've been wanting to do is make xmas ornaments... After much debate & insistence on my part, we decided to have a Yule tree. YES! Only thing is, my cats are such beasts that they would shred it in pretty short order. What to do? Hang it upside-down from the ceiling of course! XD

I'm really excited. Naturally, it's not going to be a live tree, but a fake one. I'm going to figure out how to make the branches fold the opposite way they do, and then presto! Happy Yule to me.

I promise I'll post pics whenever it gets put up. But it definitely will not be until after Thanksgiving. Alrighty then... I'm off to felt ornaments for my Yule tree-to-be.



Friday, November 12, 2010

Slaving Away... ^_~

Ahhhhhhhhh... I'm turning into an old woman... It's only a little after 8pm here, and I'm so ready for bed.


I suppose I can blame it on all the errands I ran this morning & then baking & cooking for the rest of the day... right? Sure.

I made brownies, the french bread I've been talking about for the past two days & am now in process of making soup. And now that I list things, it doesn't really seem like very much for all the hours I've been in the kitchen today. I was also cleaning, so that may account for a few of those hours... ^-^

I suppose that after I take the soup off I can take a nap before I go deliver some to Lauren at work tonight.

Huzzah for naps! ^-^

Anywho... I have pictures of the bread, and I'm rather proud of how well it turned out. It is SO GOOD. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

Aaaaaaaaaand back to tending the soup. Have a good night!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Whistling While I Work... sorta...

I've spent a very nice morning & now early afternoon cleaning my house. Britt's still sleeping after her insane night at work, so it's just me & the kitties. ^-^

I've been dancing around, cleaning up & singing to Dan Fogelberg. I seriously have no idea how Britt's still asleep after that... lolz.

I took a quick break to sketch, then popped on here to grab that bread recipe from Jaz that I was talking about yesterday. Obviously, I didn't make the sponge yesterday, so I'm about to do that now & bake bread tomorrow. Ah well. Such is life. ^-^

Alrighty... off to make the bread sponge & let it set, then back to cleaning. Who'd ever think that cleaning my house would make me so ridiculously happy?


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Ah, happiness & joy! I just got off work an hour ago & I'm now on my seven days off. Huzzah! =D

I'm going to make the bread from Jaz's recipe over at October Farm, well, I'll make the starter today & the bread tomorrow, but why split hairs?

I'm going to work on my whimsies... Maybe I'll go to the cemetery for some inspiration. It's a glorious day, even if it's freezing outside. I think I'll bring a thermos of koffee with me... Mmmmm...

Perhaps I'll work on my collage boxes some more & paint some more sugar skull beads. I've been thinking about making some bigger beads all together, as the ones I've made up til now are rather small... Hmmmm...

I think I'll work on my art journal a bit too & maybe start my spell book, which was inspired by Jaz (apparently I'm finding her very inspirational today... even more so than usual... ^-^) in her Practical Magic Blog Party post.

If you haven't visited that post, DO. IT. It's awesome. She not only has pics of the spell book used in the movie, but also of her own, personal spell books. Awesome! ^-^

Alrighty my lovelies... I'm off to roust Britt outta bed so I can help her study for her math test... And then I get to play for the rest of the day! Yay!!!

Here's hoping y'all have a most wonderful Wednesday! ^-^


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2Chemistry + 3Stoichiometry >>> Mushy brains

Taking a quick break from Chemistry homework & Staffing office work to pop in & say hello... My poor little brain feels like so much mush... eek...

At least I'm mostly getting it now. That's a plus. Being lost last class up until the very end was irritating.

Two and a half more hours here until I can go home & finish up my take home test. I love take home tests. ^-^

Alrighty then... Back to staffing the hospital.. X_x

Monday, November 08, 2010

I'll get you my pretties...

Woohoo!!! Leeanna from Can We Have a New Witch Ours Melted has wrangled 100, yes 100, minions! As a thank you to all her wonderful stalkers, ahem, followers, she's giving away not one but TWO Amazon gift cards! First place gets $100 & second place gets $50.

It doesn't get much better than this, folks. So head on over to her blog, sell her your soul (aka follow her), be a good little minion & enter to win one of these grand prizes. Not only is she a most generous Mistress to serve, but she also writes wickedly funny posts & is a genuine pleasure to read.

And she has two flying monkeys who disguise themselves as puppies. Awesome.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where's that Lorax???

Sigh... They came back & chopped down more trees today. The sound of the mulcher makes my stomach roil. I can feel it in my bones. First, they cut down the four big, beautiful pines that were growing right off my deck. I loved those trees, damn it. They were so gorgeous. I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing them all covered in snow this year. I was going to hang bird feeders in them. And pine cones slathered in peanut butter, then dipped in bird seed...

Now I have to stare at my neighbors & make sure I wear clothes, even when I'm inside. Arg.

They did this a few days ago, then came back today to chop down more trees in the neighboring complex. I really can't fathom why they'd want to chop them down... They weren't even growing too close to the buildings (they were much farther away than the requisite 30 feet...) I watched them cut down one, but watching it fall ripped my heart out & I couldn't watch anymore.

But no one listened to the Lorax anyways, did they? Sigh...

People think I'm nuts for crying over trees... but I loved them. They made me quite happy, and now they're gone. And I'm really bummed out. Muur.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Like a Zombie, risen from the grave... o_O

I'm baaaaaaaaaack...

Holy buckets... It's only been a little over two weeks, but it feels like forever since I last was here. It was quite the... interesting... month. A wonderful, horrible, stressful, wonderful month. Depression kicked in the ass, back out to where ever it resides when not pestering me, other painful lessons learned (which seem so obvious in retrospect), and a new life brought into this world by my sister in law. Not to mention my seventh anniversary on Halloween (definitely the wonderful-end-of-the-month part!). ^-^

I hope to never again have a month like the past month was, but at the same time, the few really wonderful parts were so wonderful. And I'm glad to be back. Once I stopped writing here, I felt like I just couldn't start again. So I finally made myself log back in & I feel at home with you all once again. Happiness.

Oh yes... I also received an ever so wonderful bundle of zombie fluff & snuggles from Leeanna. Yup. Another one. I now share with you: The Zombie Kitty

Isn't she just the cutest??? =D

SO. Alls I gots to do is pass this little bundle of snuggles, death & dismemberment to five lucky victims, ahem, friends... So here we go! Wait, no, I lied. I seriously can't decide who to give these to, so if, my darlings, you are interested... Please take a kitty! There are plenty to go around. ^-^

And now onto other things. If you like and/or love the written word, if you like to feel the words imprint themselves inside you & not want to ever let go, please go visit James Deagle at He's got quite the way with words, and perhaps, if you're lucky, a good idea or two as to how to get comma stains out of the carpet.

Alrighty my darlings... I have psychology homework to attend to & a paper on alternative genders to begin researching... so I'm off to poke & prod my books. I hope y'all had a most wonderful Halloween, Samhain & All Saints Day. I can't wait for tomorrow! Dia de los Muertos! *Squeeeeee!!!*

Ahem. Perhaps I'll paint more sugar skull beads tonight... perhaps I'll even get enough finished to make my necklace... Hmmm...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombie Bunnies, Oh my!

So Leeanna from Can We Have A New Witch Ours Melted saw fit to bestow upon me the most vicious zombie bunny to be found. Cousin to the Killer Bunny (as seen in Monty Python's Holy Grail), this ravenous ball of bloody fluff has come to stay with me... I'll have to figure out where on earth to put him. I don't think my zombie rubber ducky wants to share his space in the shower caddy... Hmmmmm...

So, thanks Leeanna for this, uh, lovely... award. I'm especially fond of it because I'm not required to do anything. Ah.... So. Wonderful.

I suppose I'll keep the zombie joy going, however, & pass it on to some people. I mean really... what fun are zombies if they don't spread all their gory joy to a whole slew of others? o_O


So I brought my pics to work with me, after not being able to upload them earlier in the evening off of Britt's laptop, thinking that it was just because my internet was on the fritz... Not so! Perhaps Blogger's tweaking out again? o_O

It won't let me upload pictures... so sad. Meh. I suppose I'll have to try again tomorrow... Anyone else having this issue? Or is it just me again...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey long time, no see...

Yep, I'm still alive & kicking. Sorta. I've run across a cold somewhere, and it decided to come home with me. Goody. o_O

I'm currently ingesting larger than usual quantities of tea & echinacea, in hopes of making my head & throat feel human again. It is far too early in the month for me to be resembling the living dead! Hmph.

Going to post all my pictures tonight while at work from the past little while. I mean, I do need something to do tonight... right? ^-^

Well then... I'm off to school to finish homework before my pharmacology class. I hope all y'all are having a most wonderful Monday. ^-^


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


At the coffee shop at Boulevard Park. Shitty coffee, but really good tea... ^-^

School's started now, so I'm taking a break from homework & popping in here. I've not checked any of the blogs I follow for the past several days... I feel very out of touch... lol...

Our student loans arrived on time & without a hitch for once, so we were able to get our school stuff with no problem. Yay!

On a more irritating note, I've been feeling kinda... odd... lately. Randomly tired, heart palpitations occasionally, and just generally strange. So I'm going to go to the doctor & get my thyroid checked again. I had it checked a year (or two?) ago, and it was still within the normal range (which has been changed since then). I've also been checked for diabetes, which I fortunately do not have. I'm still a bit wary, however, as my family is full of diabetics with thyroid issues... o_O

Britt also suggested I get checked for food allergies, as sometimes I'll not feel very well after eating. I'm not so sure about this, as I usually only feel less-than-great when we eat out, which I attribute to the fact that we rarely eat out & my body's not used to that kind of grease/food.

I'm kind of annoyed, as we've been eating a LOT healthier the past few months & severely cut back on our caffeine intake. I still drink coffee & occasionally an energy shot, but nothing near to what I used to. We've also been moderatley exercising. So I don't know what the fuck. But I'm going to find out. Hopefully. ^-^

Anywho. Back to being conversational with Britt & Heather. See y'all later tonight when I take another break from homework. ^-^

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mmmmmm... Clean house... nommy tea... sleeping kitties... spastic internet... ah. I love mornings... ^-^

Good news! We once again have a camera! =D Yay!!! So. I shall post a post of epic awesomeness, filled with pictures later today or tonight sometime. Woohoo!

We went to the local farmer's market yesterday in between rain showers. It was awesome! Britt got a brown sugar cookie shaped like a mushroom, I got a orange hazelnut twist. Mmmmm... We got a bar of lavender soap & then got some tea... Four different kinds. Happiness is MINE... We got three black tea blends & one green tea blend. So. Good. ^-^

We then went to check out the flea market, but didn't find any treasures this time.

We also drove all over this county & the next one looking for a swimming suit for Britt, who, since she's lost weight, can no longer wear the suit we got her a few months back... I balloons off her butt like a parachute... lmao... Not ideal for lap swimming. ^-^

No luck with the swim suit... I think we're going to have to look online...

Anywho... Off to grocery shopping! ^-^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ah, what to do, what to do... I'm awake whilst everyone else sleeps... o_O

We're over at a friend's house after a night of drinking & hot tubbing & playing cards. Oh what fun. But now everyone's asleep but me... so I stole away downstairs & am slightly tippsily typing on their PC...

I have no idea where my glasses went to, and hope I can find them in the morning. Well, the later morning... when we have daylight. ^-^

I'm going to pop by my online classroom & see if my instructor emailed me back, and then I think I'm going to go to bed. ^-^

nighty night!



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happiness & homework...

Alrighty... Bad mood extinguished. Yay! ^-^

Soooo... I was able to log into my online class for the first time today... @_@

omg... There's just so much... stuff... ack.

And I'm terrified becuase there are no tests... just group projects & discussions... ack. I've never, and I do mean never, had a good experience with group anything when it comes to school. I always end up doing everything, as I'm the only one apparently concered with my grade... I dearly hope this class is different. Meep...

I'm hopeful, though, and trying to think positively. ^-^

I don't know quite what to make of this class... I'll have to create a blog & a wiki page for it, and I'm not keen on the idea of having to blog... I do this for pleasure & becuase I love all the wonderful people I've come across via blogging. I'm scared I'll hate it... But still trying to stay positive. Who knows... perhaps I'll excel at that part of the class because of my love for blogging. ^-^

All in all, reservations aside, I'm excited to start classes again. I really do like school, and I love learning of any kind. My professor for this class seems like a wonderful, exciting & fun person, so I'm looking forward more than not, I suppose, to this class.

Well then... off to start reading my course documents...

Going to bake chocolate sugar cookies as soon as I get home, as we're going to go visit Britt's little sister, Destinee, and bring the soon-to-be mom some cookies & company. ^-^

Have a supremely wonderful Tuesday! ^-^



Gaaaaaaahhh... I'm trying to shake this aweful mood, but I'm not having any luck yet... o_O
I don't want to be cranky... but I'm not having a terribly good day... meh.

I couldn't sleep today, which always makes me a bit irritated. I was so tired, yet just couldn't fall & then stay asleep... ack...

Then I got to work, found out that they'd indeed managed to fix our computer (yay), but had deleted everything off our desktops. Now I know it's my fault for leaving important stuff on my work PC, but still... I was miffed that our shit got deleted with no warning. Everyone lost stuff. Meh. Ah well. Life goes on. And I've learned my lesson...

-_- #

Then CBC decided that they were critically short, their managers refused to come in & work, all of night shift had been called already & no one wanted to work, and then I had to call all of day shift (at midnight, mind you) to see if they wanted to come in early. I had to get the House Manager's approval in order to do this, and (unfortunately) got it, so I got to make calls & tick off about 15 or so people... le sigh... ah well...

I think I'm going to go in search of some chocolate or something... lol... perhaps that will help...


I so badly want to feel better... Maybe instead of chocolate, I'll go sit in the garden... Alrighty. Off I go...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Early morning ramblings...

Sooooooo... For all my fun plans for yesterday, I did none of them... ^-^

Instead, after work Britt & I stopped by our friend Lauren's house & just lounged around for a while... like three and a half hours... It was nice & relaxing. Then we went home, cleaned up after the cat that got into our roving (omg... it looked like a multi-colored sheep had been shredded in my living room... @_@) and then went to bed about 1330.

I got nothing done, yet had a most wonderful day. ^-^

So I figure that with the amount of coffee I've had tonight, I'll easily be able to do any & everything I could possibly desire today. ^-^

I made two more inchies last night & would just love to show them off, but alas the camera is still dead... meh... As soon as I do have a camera, I'm going to have the world's biggest picture post ever... o_O

Anywho... I'm going to sit here & read my book for a bit before day shift gets here. Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! ^-^

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rainy Sunday...

Sitting in my office making phone calls, trying to find staff for day shift & thinking about all the fun things to do on my rainy Sunday...

Drink tea... this is a given...
Crochet my mom's purse...
Felt pumpkins...
Snuggle the kitties...
Put on fuzzy socks & my favorite plaid flannel shirt...
Watch Practical Magic, Fight Club & REPO: The Genetic Opera (again...)
Paint sugar skull beads...
Paint my nails...
Make ATCs & inchies...
Work on an art journal page...
Make a collage...
Make homemade soup for lunch...

Ah, I can't wait to get home... Now to just finish getting through my morning with my sanity (what's left of it) & relatively good mood intact... ^-^

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Sunday morning! ^-^


Friday, September 10, 2010

On the floating dock at Boulevard Park. The wind is blowing through my hair & sea, dark as ink, rocks me slowly back & forth. Just me & my mug of tea. Ah bliss.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


So... I didn't make the Socca... I suddenly felt inspired to make chocolate sugar cookies instead... @_@

So I did & they're uber yummy.

I think I'll try the Socca for dinner tonight... to go with the salsa baked chicken perhaps... Hmmmm...

Anywho... I'm about off to bed so that I can get up earlier this afternoon. I want to be sure I'm up in time to hit up the veggie stand & cook dinner. And I need to get my stuff together for work tonight. And locate work acceptable clothing. I have no idea where it's run off to... o_O

I'm ready for bed, took half a sleeping pill to ensure that I stay asleep for a few hours & am now trying to get it unstuck from my throat. Ack.

Meh. I was so excited that I was almost caught up with my pile of dishes, but then I cooked a meal and baked some cookies... so now there's a pile again. I think my particular pile looks bigger than it actually is due to the ridiculously tiny amount of counter space in my kitchen...

At least that what I'm telling myself. o_O

So. Off to bed so I can get up & finish the housework I've been putting off finishing. And go by veggies. And then perhaps do something fun & crafty-like.

Hope all y'all daylight folk have a good day! ^-^


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy Tuesday! =D

Good morning, my darlings! Well, it's still 'morning' for me... More accurately, I suppose it's my afternoon now... whatever.

Going to be cooking some Socca in a while... Mmmmmm... chickpea flour pancake like thingies. I'm going to head to the garden for some fresh herbs to add into the dough... I shall let you know how they turn out. ^-^

Happy New Moon! ^-^

As my honey is at work tonight, I won't be going to the water, as a girl alone down by the bay is an easy target. Unfortunately. Le sigh...

I will be doing something later though, probably on my porch. Maybe I'll pour my love & healing energy into a watering can of water & then sprinkle it on my plants. I like the sound of that. ^-^

Also, I'm sure you've all heard about the tiny church in Gainesville, FL (home to my beloved Gators...) that plans to burn copies of the Koran this 09-11... *facepalm*
As angry as burning any kind of book makes me, burning another religion's holy book leaves an especially bad taste in my mouth. It has been pointed out, however, by persons with cooler heads than I, that a better reaction to this than fighting hate & anger with more anger is to counter it with Love. Ingenious.

So. Along with I'm not Hannah (where I got the idea) & Mommy Melee (where she got the idea), I'll be joining in the sending of love & peace to these rather angry folks. Having found a way to counter such a mass of negativity with something as wonderful & unconquerable as love... It makes me smile. And feel warm & fuzzy. I know they still my go through with this deplorable act, but I also know that sending them these thoughts, emotions, energies, etc. also makes a difference. Join us, won't you?

Well then... I'm off, but here's to hoping you all have a most wonderful night, especially those who work in health care & law enforcement, as the new moon tends to be a rather, ah, exciting night... At least at our hospital... o_O

Feeling kinda down this morning... Feeling like I want to go hide in bed. It's my last day off before I start my seven on, however, so I don't really want to go hide.

I feel so tired sometimes. I feel so alone, like it's just me & Britt against the world. I know this isn't true. There are many, many wonderful people out there that brighten up my life. All y'all are most of them! And I love you for it. I truly do.

But in my physical, everyday life, I am lacking community. Community... the word I keep coming back to. The idea that I can't seem to find in real existence. I know it's out there, somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. It's what I want.

I want friends who love me & accept me, all of me, for who I am. I want people who are different from me to celebrate with me our diversity & love one another regardless. I want to be fully loved & accepted. Every last bit. Not just the parts people pick & choose.

I have friends & acquaintances who, unknowingly & unintentionally ostracize parts of me (and Britt too) by their judgments. By their ignorance. By their unwillingness to accept people with different values from their own.

I freely admit it. I am a ridiculously judgmental person. But, and yes there is a 'but', I am aware of this less than great aspect of myself & try to keep it in check. This is difficult, but rewarding.

First impressions can mean acceptance or rejection, and I can be a difficult person to accept. I'm pierced & tattooed. I'm a Pagan, who was raised in a Protestant Christian home. I'm a pastor's kid. I swear like a sailor. I identify currently as a lesbian, but my definition is probably different from someone else's. I've been with Britt for seven years & there's no end in sight. We're both polyamorous, and open to either gender. And this, my darlings, seems to be a sticking point with a number of people. Not because they're trying to be cruel, but because they just don't understand.

And I'm finding that when people don't understand, when they can't even almost imagine themselves in my shoes, that's when the claws come out, the snide comments begin & I am forced to either retreat further into myself or lay a verbal smack down. Neither of which I am keen to do.

Even in communities where I've expected acceptance, I have more often than not experienced rejection.

I am always finding that I'm just not quite the 'right kind of' whatever, whether it be Pagan, lesbian, woman, student, employee... whatever. I never fit quite right.

I've never fit quite right anywhere, my whole life. I didn't have any friends until my junior year in high school. I fully believed I was cut out for a life alone. I had come to terms that I was going to be a spinster & a crazy cat lady when I was old. I expected it.

Fortunately, I found someone who's just as strange & out of place as I am. And we fit together perfectly. Seamlessly. Sometimes, most of the time, I can't tell where I end & Britt begins. We are a community.

And we're both so thankful to have one another, but alas, we're not completely content. We want a community of many people, all of which will bring their own particular gifts, talents & personalities to share.

People often mistake my desire for community as a desire to surround myself with people just like me... I would rather hurl myself into the sea, than be surrounded by people just like me... ^-^

I want a place where everyone is valued for who they uniquely are. Where even if you & I don't see eye to eye on things, we respect the other's right to be happy & support them in that endeavor.

This is what I dream about. And perhaps that's why I want to go hide in my bed... Because sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can see that place. If it exists, I want to go there. If it doesn't, I want to create a space like that. This is my dream.

Monday, September 06, 2010

It didn't leave me... o_O

Omigod... So I'm taking a quick break from cleaning my house... As I was doing my hoard of dirty dishes this morning, you will never believe what I found...


Yes indeed! I found it! It's still there!!!


I am quite shocked & pleased. I had fully expected it to up & go someplace where the resident mess maker also was the resident mess-cleaner-upper... But my beloved kitchen has given me another chance! (again...)

And I'm grateful. I did miss it so...

So here's to a renewed goal: Keeping up on my house work even when I'm on my seven day work stretch, going to school, running amok with my sweety & trying to find "me-time" in between.

I'm decidedly happier when I can see the counter tops & the stove (without having to imagine all the clutter/dishes cleaned up & put away...)

Well then... Onto the living room... But I had better clean out my vacuum before I try to use it, or it might very well explode... again... o_O

Happy Monday to all y'all. Hope everyone had a good weekend ^-^

Friday, September 03, 2010

"What's the Use of Won'drin'?"

Have I ever mentioned how much I just absolutely LOVE Amanda Palmer??? I was fortunate enough to go see her in concert with Britt & our friend Grace... Two words... Fucking Awesome. =D

Just ran across this video as I finished up watching the video series she filmed for her Who Killed Amanda Palmer album. Which also rocks.

To quote Emilie Autumn (whom I also adore), "Revenge is the best revenge."

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tub 'o' Tea

Hmmmm... all is quiet. Britty's napping, as her meeting tired her right out. Before she went to bed, she took a bath... which turned into a tub of tea.

After hearing her wish (which, naturally, is my command) for lavender bath smelly-goodness, I promptly grabbed my HUGE dish of dried lavender flowers & sprinkled a goodly amount into her bubble bath.

It improved the smell immensely.

I then rummaged around in my herb drawer & found my dried rose buds, which & added to her bath as well. Followed by some dried chamomile.

After soaking for a bit, she was then showered with some dried rose petals from our very own roses. As she & the herbs soaked (for quite some time, at that), the bath bubbles dissolved leaving tea colored water that smelled just heavenly!

I offered to put everything in a bag next time, as she was covered head to toe in fragrant, herb-y loveliness, but she won't hear of it!

She said it was the most entertaining bath she's taken since she was five... ^-^

And now she sleeps... as do the kitties... Lhu, naturally, is on the pile of clean clothes I was attempting to fold... ^-^

He's so helpful when it comes to holding down those feisty clothes, to keep them from running off...

Getting ready to make the stem for my latest pumpkin & then it'll be finished & placed in my kitchen window. ^-^

Well then... off to felt the stem & then who knows? Mayhap I'll pull out my box of paper crafting tidbits & art journal a bit.

Happy crafting, my lovelies...


My cat like the Pipe Organ... o_O

Happy Thursday! ^-^

It's turned out nice & warm, but wonderfully breezy... So perfect. Perhaps we'll go to the beach after Britt gets out of her ten hour, yes, ten hour meeting... @_@

And yes, for the record, Macha likes pipe organ music. She seems particularly fond of things from Phantom of the Opera and Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor. Both of which happen to be selections I simply adore as well... coincidence? I think not. ^-^

Phiphi & Macha are now happily sleeping next to the back screen door & Lhu is lounging on his new favorite place to sleep... Britt's new backpack... lmao... She took a different bag with her to her meeting today so as to not have to displace him while he was sleeping this morning... XD
In her defense, he was ridiculously cute...

I'm happily bumming around my house felting pumpkins... and trying not to bleed on them when I accidentally felt my fingers instead... o_O

Taking a nice little break to grab a nice, cold cider out of my fridge... and come visit my blog of course. ^-^

I have all sorts of fun crafty things I'm going to do this weekend... I'm going to try my hand at hand sewing a doll (a wee doll, mind you) and there's still the ceramic bits & bobs waiting to be used for something. There's much roving to be felted into pumpkins (yay!) and another purse to crochet. I'm also working on a caplet (the same one I've been working on for like a year...), but I keep putting it down & forgetting where I am in the pattern (which isn't very far...) and having to frog everything & start over... lolz... I'm determined to start it once more & this time finish it! Besides, by next month I'll actually be able to wear it! ^-^

Also going to work on what I'm making for my dad, but I can't say what it is, as I'm not sure if he read my blog... I don't think he does, but he might... who knows? ^-^ I'll make sure to borrow a camera if I don't have a new one by the time it's finished & take some pics before I send it off to him. I'm soooooo excited! =D

I'm also trying to figure out what to make for my sister to put in the box I painted & am going to send her for her birthday this month... I can't just send her an empty box, no matter how awesome the outside looks... @_@
I think I'm going to make some soap and candles maybe...

Alrighty then... break time's over! Back to stabbing myself, er, my roving... ^_~

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Faun - Egil Saga

Another of my fav bands... I will get to Faerie Worlds & see them live! ^-^

Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh [MUSIC VIDEO]

On of my all time fav bands... Rammstein... =3

So I finally finished the purse I was crocheting. Yay! Now all I need to do is get some handles & then it'll be finished. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it... o_O
I can't tell if it's so ugly that it's kitschy cute... or if it's just ugly... lmao...

Hoping I can get a camera soon so I can post some pics... I'm going to have to make a list of all the things I want to post pics of once I have access to a camera again. ^-^

I stumbled across a brand new fav band thanks to Evelyn's Wonderland. As seen in the previous post, Warpaint! I loves them... Oh yes, and go check out Evelyn's Wonderland... it is a truly magical place with many, many wonderful dolls! ^-^

And she has an awesome playlist too... ^-^

Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes, hugs, love & support our way. It means a lot to both Britt & me. Thank you. *hugs* ^-^


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Warpaint - Stars

Carmen passed on about four hours ago. I found out about two hours ago at the nightly bed meeting, when the MCU charge nurse mentioned that she had two deceased patients on her floor. Afterward, I asked if one of them was Carmen & she said yes. She was rather upset that she'd been the one to tell me, as none of the other family had the presence of mind to let either Britt or myself know. I told her not to worry, as we'd been expecting it.
We went to see her after work yesterday morning. By that time, she'd thankfully been hooked up the morphine drip & wasn't in nearly as much pain. She also wasn't awake, but her eyes opened when I gave her forehead a kiss before we left.
I told her to rest & that I'd be back tonight, as I'd planned on sitting with her on my lunch break to keep her company. I thought perhaps I'd read to her a bit. I didn't get the chance, but I'm happy for her to be out of pain. I'm thankful she went quickly and quietly. It is a blessing.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tonight is leaving me a bit subdued. One of Britt's uncle's sisters is in the ER right now, going to be admitted as a comfort care patient & won't be leaving the hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer (I'm not sure which kind) a few months ago, and it's apparently a rather aggressive form.

I felt aweful becuase when I went down to see her, I looked in the room & thought I'd gone to the wrong one... She used to be so tiny with long black hair... Now she's bald from all the chemo & probably doubled in weight. I didn't recognize her.

Even though we aren't close, I still know her & her kids pretty well. I like her a lot & it hurts to see those I love in pain.

She was telling Marci, her daughter, that all she wants is to have the doctor put her to sleep & not wake up. It breaks my heart she's in such pain that she wishes nothing more than to die.

Last time she was in the ER, she told Britt that the day before, she'd been out playing basket ball with her grand kids, and now she's just like Mel.

I'm worried about Britt, as she's still not fully recovered from Aunty Mel's death.

My head hurts... In a day or two or three, Carmen will fly free. So I mourn a little for her, but mostly for her family.

To make matters worse, one of Carmen & Uncle Herman's brothers really hates white people... Britt went up to see how her family was doing when another of Uncle Herman's brothers was in the ICU, only for him to try & kick her out, demanding to know who she was, what she was doing there, etc. He's in the ER waiting room now, was kinda horrible to her when she went out to check on the rest of the family & refuses to talk or look at her. Sensless hatred like this... I just don't understand. She's upset about it too, which makes me even more upset. I can't comprehend hating someone I don't know, who has never wronged me or my loved ones. I just don't get it. My heart breaks for him.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can I go home yet???

Oooo... All the fun ideas popping into my head...

A candy tin re-painted to be my new pill box...

A doll made from ceramic odds & ends from the RE Store...

Perhaps some more dolls... made of muslin & clay...

I fully agree with miss Zedral Z... We both need to be a lazy creative housewives... XD


More art journal pages are waiting for flow forth from my finger tips & glue sticks...

I'm still working on the purse for my sister that I'm crocheting. I'm hoping to get it finished by tomorrow. I want to send her a box of stuff for her birthday... I have the box all painted, the purse almost finished & I want to make some candles or bath stuff for her to relax with. ^-^

Perhaps I'll even get it to her on time this year... lol...

Well then, back to work... ^-^

It figures...

...That the day I decide to go into work early to cover a sick call, I suddenly want to do nothing but stay home & make things... lmao... Isn't that how it always works? Well that's how it works for me, at an rate. =P

I think I'm also feeling a bit panicked, as we're going to Portland to visit friends this weekend, so I won't have much time to do anything else. Boo. But I'm glad to go visit, so I won't complain too terribly much... ^_~

Besides, I still have Wednesday & Thursday to craft. Wednesday is official "Herb Harvesting Day" here, as my mints are getting out of hand... o_O

Well then... I had better go find something suitable to wear to work... flannel PJ pants & my most favorite plaid flannel shirt won't cut it I'm afraid... ^-^

Have an awesome evening my darlings, and perhaps I'll pop back in later. ^-^


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mmmmm... Brownies... ^-^

Mmmmm... Brownies... So. Tasty. ^-^

And now that dessert's finished, I'm baking fish for dinner. Yay! I'm about to get up & go boil some cauliflower so I can make mashed cauliflower, but thought I'd pop by here first. ^-^

I'm feeling decidedly less pessimistic than last night... which is good. I don't know how much despair I deal with if I can't bring myself back up out of it... Anywho...

Back to work tonight & the five nights after... but then a week off again! I love my schedule... ^-^

I can feel the Autumn in the air! I love the Summer, don't get me wrong, but I love Fall... So very, very much! ^-^

It rained a bit today, which it hasn't for a while, but since it was daylight, there was no naked dancing... sigh...

Still working on the purse I'm crocheting... and I bought yarn the other day for the one I'm going to make for my mom. I'm excited... =D

I've been feeling the desire to spin again, so I'm brining my spindle to work with me tonight... I can't wait until I can get a spinning wheel! ^-^

Britt's been kinda down today, but I think the brownies are working their magic... ^_~ Brownies imbued with love & happiness... you just can't go wrong!

Well then... I'd better get to the cauliflower if I'm going to mash it... Perhaps I'll be in later tonight though. Have a good night my lovelies! ^-^


omg... cooking cauliflower = stinky... @_@

Rant warning...

I'm feeling drained... And terribly frustrated. And powerless. And angry. Really. Fucking. Angry.

On top of this, I am now certain that my camera is toast... le sigh... -_- #

Back to my frustration... I've been reading a book by Starhawk, one of my all time fav authours. Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex & Politics. I'm about half way through, and I'm really liking this book. If you haven't read it, go out, buy a copy, borrow a copy from someone, whatever & read it. Please.

Again, back to the frustration... Over the past year at my job, amoung other areas of my life, I've been forced to come to terms again & again with the apparent fact that just becuase we're necessary, doesn't mean we're important.

This has made it even more difficult for me to like my rather dislikeable job, and not flat out hate it.

This is making me angry, as I see it all over the hospital. Power-over... People treating other people as if they don't matter based on what job they do.

In order for our hospital to run well, every single person employed here is both necessary and important. That is why our very jobs exhist.

I see this every day, everywhere I look. And I don't know how to change anything but myself. I know that I can't change anyone but myself.

In all honesty, however, I am scared to lose my job. I have a good job for going to school that pays ok & has benifits. I'm terrified of losing this. I almost lost it the last time I stood up & said that I refused to be walked all over, when I insisted that I too mattered. That I was important...

I'm at a loss here. I don't know how to change things, because those in power do not want things changed. It would mean less money, less power for the few. And that terrifies those with said money & power.

I'm kind of rambling here, because I don't have all the thoughts sorted out in my head yet... I have somewhat vague, half formed thoughts flitting about, ranting, raging around in me...

The biggest thing I have an issue with, I think, is that I don't know what to do to make things better... To make things right.
In a place where care of people is supposed to be paramount, seeing all this bullshit, all the bad decisions being made due to "the budget" is maddening.

Charge nurses shorting their units to save money. Managers doing the same thing. Managers who are so out of touch with what's going on in their unit. People who just don't give a flying fuck.

There is no sense of community, no sense of compassion. We have no morale, so to speak of.

And I'm just so frustrated. And I feel so powerless. And I don't know how to fix things, even the things that I personally am capable of fixing. And that, THAT, is what makes me so angry.

I don't feel like I'm finished here... But I'm at a loss for what to say...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An excuse & a Request...

And so now that I'm all back to my usual bloggy self, my camera, naturally, isn't working... @_@
I'm hoping it's just in need of a change of batteries, but I'm not so sure... It was acting up when Britt took it to the concert the other night, and so it may be more than that. We shall see...

In other news, send your good vibes & positive energy on over to Alexz at Spooky Pooky Creations. Her kitten, Pigwidgeon, has gone for a stroll & hasn't found her way home yet... As a cat lover & multiple cat mom, there are few things worse than not knowing where one of your fur babies is... My cat got outside once and was missing for two days... some of the worst days of my life. I luckily found him in the basement, hiding in the root cellar... poor terrified fluff ball...
But yes, please send all the positive energies you can to her & her kitten, and hopefully Pigwidgeon will find her way back home sooner rather than later. ^-^


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Award... ^-^

Alrighty then... After a rather longer break than I intended, here's the first of two posts for the night! =D

Roisin over at Child of Danu was kind enough to give me the Versatile Blogger Award. Whee! ^-^ So without further ado, I kindly thank you, Roisin, for reading & enjoying my ramblings & now off to fulfill the four thingies in need of fulfilling!

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the Versatile Blogger Award.

See above, and if you didn't already click on the link above, click HERE

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

This part is always the most difficult for me... Hmmm...

1) I'm uber paranoid about putting any kind of personal info online... it took a lot for me to put my first name on my blogger profile... lol...

2) I'm going to school to be an RN (Some days it feels like I'll never be finished... @_@)

3) I dream of being a full time artist/crafter/mess-maker

4) I've lived in seven states & two countries

5) I finally got my septum (of my nose) pierced about a week ago. Yay!!!

6) I frequently have dreams involving some sort of zombie apocalypse... o_O

7) I hate flying in airplanes... I didn't when I was little, but now I do. Perhaps if I was flying the plane it would be a different story... hmmm...

3. Pass the Versatile Blogger Award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!

Role Call!!! (In no particular order...) =D

1) Amber Leilani at Yellow Flower
2) Nichola Battilana at Knickertwist's
3) Leeanna at Can We Have a New Witch? Ours Melted
4) Michelle at Chocolate & Marmalade Tea
5) Cellar Door at I Hope They Have Pudding
6) Luna Petunia at Spelled With a W
7) Griselda at Spirit Dolls & Mix Media Assemblage
8) Zedral Z at Witchin' in the Kitchen
9) Zombie Queen at Zombie Queen's Everyday Adventures
10) Maggi at Just Add Glitter & Stir

4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the Versatile Blogger Award.

Bloggers contacted... check!

Whew! Who knew this was going to be so labor intensive??? ^_~

Alrighty... I'm off to find my camera so I can finally post the pics of the goodies I got! Stay tuned, my darlings, for I'll be back!

But first I'm going to finish my episode of Baccano & eat my mini blackberry-peach pie... ^-^

Monday, August 23, 2010

Morning Quickie... ^-^

Just a quick pop in to say "Hi!" and that I'll be back later... for a post or two... There's an award to be shared (fun, fun!) and pictures to be posted of the magic & awesomeness that came in my box from New Orleans, one of the most magical places on Earth! =D

Right now, however, I'm about to get back to my cleaning... My place is a bit... um... messy. o_O

The koffee's on & Damh the Bard is spinning tales from my speakers, so I'm off to make my house look less like a natural disaster area & more like a place where two women & three cats reside (oh wait, I said less like a natural disaster area... XD)

See y'all soon! ^-^

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ahem... yes, that was me, waking my neighbors with my squeals of delight tonight... I opened my door to leave for work, stepped outside & found...


I'm so excited, I could pop. Not even that fact that my software at work is down & I can't do any work can dampen my mood! ^-^

I shall post pics of the awesome stuff contained within the box of epic awesomeness as soon as I have access to my camera.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just head home now & then come back when everything's back up & running??? Yes... I suppose I shall sit here & read my book for now... And giggle with delight every few minutes thinking about the Pixie Sticks & other goodies that are in my car... =D


Monday, August 16, 2010

*Rant warning...* o_O

Searching for the balance between work & creativity again. So far, the balance still eludes me...

Stressing out because I haven't been able to access my online class for three days... I've tried my computer at home & at work, my work computer & then Britt's computer at home again, still no luck. I have a test due tonight by 2300... I emailed my professor to let him know & see if anyone else was having this issue. I'm going to head into the college in the morning to try & use the library's computer if I can't get in tonight. I wanted to have this test finished three days ago, so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Sigh. -__- #

Frustrated with shit at work. Trying not to lose entirely the happiness, peacefulness, etc. from my vacation, but at this rate, I'm going to need a three week vacation after every week I work. Sigh...

Having communication problems with the missus... I can't seem to say what I mean. Things keep getting lost in translation, so to speak. I don't know how to fix this. I'm beginning to wish I was mute, at least part time...

It's been so hot the past few days that neither of us have been sleeping well.

I'm confused as to what the fuck is going on with my garden. The little zucchini & the little baby pumpkin that were both doing so well both just up & rotted. I have no idea why. I haven't been getting water on anything but the dirt in the pot (paranoid about making the leaves mold...) & they were fine the day before when I watered everything. Then today when I went out to water the garden, they were all icky & mooshy & brown... What. The. HELL...

I'm beginning to feel like my tenuous hold on things is slipping a bit, and I have no idea how to make things better.

I need to clean my house, and I think that the mess & disorder are part of my problem. Perhaps I'll focus on fixing my space and things will fall in step. I have no idea, but it's a good place to begin. Even if it doesn't help anything else, a clean house will make me feel better simply because it's clean. ^-^

And now to staffing the hospital for day shift... even though I don't have nearly enough living bodies to staff it with... o_O

I cannot wait to get home & zen a bit. I'm going to make a pot of tea while it's still cool enough outside to want to drink something warm ^_~
I'm going to sit in the garden & watch the spiders some more. I'm going to water said garden, and then I shall clean a bit before heading to the college. I'll fix this shit one thing at a time...

Alrighty... now back to staffing... and my energy drink. ^-^