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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sniff... Sniff... Arg...

So Britt is finally (mostly) better from her cold. I, however, seem to have found one of my very own. Goody. Sudaphed seems to help, if I can remember to take it regularly. It also has the wonderful side effect of being an appetite suppressant. I'm not complaining. ^_^ Now if only this awful burning, itchy, tickle would leave my nose alone, I'd be just peachy. Oh well. It'll be gone in a few days, and I'll be fine.

Today, Black Friday, Britt & I hid indoors until about 1600, when we deemed it safe enough to leave our apartment. We went to the harbor & ignored the 'NO TRESPASSING' sign blocking the way to some old buildings between the railroad tracks & the bay. We got a few awesome pictures before it got too dark & the batteries in the camera died. It is so cool there, I can't wait to go back when we have a bit more light & considerably more batteries. ^_^

As a side note, one of the worst things about having my head stuffed up is not being able to taste the food I'm eating. Ack. Anywho... Back to my spaghetti, and hopefully between the Sudaphed & Ecchinacea, I'll get to feeling better soon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving & Menarche Art!

Happy Turkey Day to everyone in the U.S. ! And a very happy Un-birthday to everyone else! ^-^

I've had some amazing & slightly off colour inspiration for two up coming art projects, both of which will be collaborative with Britt. I can't wait for tomorrow ('cause it's payday, not because it's Black Friday... which I dread... =_=;) I'm going to go buy a bunch of panties & paint them. With what, you may ask??? Well... you'll just have to wait & see. And then I'm going to make a bullet belt... outta tampons. No, not used. Well, probably not used... ^-^ If you'd like to understand my inspirations for the aforementioned projects, check out this website. It's awesome. Or, if you want to go straight to the art, go here. Remember! An open mind is a wonderful thing to have. Try to think & look beyond our enculturation. I think it's extremely important for menstruation to lose all the stigma that's been attached to it. It's disgusting how society has turned something beautiful, natural & normal (albeit sometimes uncomfortable & painful) into something dirty that "needs" to be hidden, sanitized, hushed up, not spoken about, feared, loathed, dreaded, hated, etc.
Menarche used to be a celebrated event. Something that was looked forward to, as the doorway into womyn-hood. Something to be proud of. We need to stop shaming our daughters, sisters, mothers into silence, and allow this aspect of our womyn-hood to once again be a cause for celebration.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Because We Believe...

This is an wonderful blog I just ran across. And they're having a give-away to celebrate their first anniversary! Stop by & check out the absolutely wonderful ornaments they'll be sending out to a few very lucky people!!! I'm hoping I'm one of those lucky ones... ^______^
Good luck to everyone who enters their give-away!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dolls, Winter, Crafting...

So I finally got my doll patterns in the mail! Yay!!! I'm now a bit on the intimidated side... Meep... I also need the sewing machine to get fixed before I can do much of anything. Meh... I'm contemplating retreating to the spare room to poke at it... or other things. I don't know. It's my last day off before three back at work, and I don't know what to do with myself. I kinda want to go check out the new shop in Fairhaven, but it's cold outside, and I'm thinking staying in is a good idea at the moment. I'm also thinking about picking up my spinning again. I haven't touched it since Lhu got a hold of it & massacred it... I was so pissed. Meh.

Well, whatever I decide to do, I'm going to go water the rose before anything else. I'll probably post again in a while, once I've crafted on something for a while. ^_^

Monday, November 16, 2009

Soup, bread & Koffee

Made another HUGE pot of soup today. Used chicken this time, as well as rice, barley, lentils, black beans, celery, a rutabaga, a parsnip, a turnip, red potatoes, Button mushroom, Crimini mushrooms & Oyster mushrooms. I am excited for it to be finished! I tried a new bread recipe today as well. It's in the oven & should be done in about a half hour. I usually try to make soup on my days off, as it takes me quite a while to get everything washed, chopped & into the pot before I can simmer it for... a while. But as my next day off this week is Wednesday, I figured today is as good as any to get it made!

I may actually have to make more broth to add to it... I added kinda a lot of stuff to this batch. We'll have to see.

Wondering if my doll patterns will come today... Probably not, but I'm still hoping. ^_^

It's insanely windy still, and on & off rainy. I walked to the store this morning, and it was a wonderful walk. I should have brought a different bag with me to carry my groceries home in, but at least I'll know for next time! Lolz... It only rained on me a little, which was nice.

Bought new Koffee creamer last night. After standing in front of the creamer section for 20 or so minutes hemming & hawing over which kind I should get, I decided to be adventurous & try something new... Woohoo! So I got Chocolate Rasberry... OMFG... It is so good, I could just keel over. : D

Yay for being adventurous... ^_^

I've had such a nice morning (a bit of afternoon too...), that I so badly just don't want to go to work today. Bleh. I really hate working evening shifts, as I have to staff the Hospital twice. Hopefully the trend from this weekend will continue, and we'll be well staffed & everything will be just peachy. I'm hoping! ^_^ Oh well. Whatever kind of evening it may be, I know I'll make sure it's a good one. I'm getting pretty good at not letting my job stress me out or put me in a foul mood... or both. ^_^

Well, I'm out of koffee & need both hands to refil my cup, so until later (probably tonight???), have a wonderful day & blessed be!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


First, here is the cross stitch. It's suppose to be the cover for a pin cushion, but I really don't know what I'm going to end up doing with it...

And now, for your viewing pleasure & mine, my lovely cats. Whom I adore. ^_____^

First off, Macha...

And now for the Lhu... who is a ham, and so has the most pics...

He's investigating my cross stitch stuff... Crafty cat! Lolz...

Apparently, it all needs to be held down... O_o

So much for being crafty... =_=;
Lazy bumm...

And last but not least, Phiphi!

He's so sweet & snuggle-y! :3

... And occasionally a twee bit scary... lmao...

"I vahnt to suhck your blhood..."





I loves me some kitties. They're just the best! Miich!
WooHOOOO!!! The pumpkin seeds are in the oven! Topped with honey, Johnny salt, pepper, oregano & a few with awesome Vietnamese hot sauce, I can hardly wait!

O_O omfg... I just learned that pumpkin seeds explode when exposed to high heat... I went into the kitchen to investigate strange popping sounds, as if mice with guns were dueling by the dishwasher... Actually, I thought it was Lhu, getting into something he probably shouldn't be. So I went in, thinking, "What the hell is he doing now???" Nope. Not him (for once...). He was fast asleep beneath the table, and I (stupidly) opened the oven, only to get snipped at by bursting seeds! ACK! HIT THE DIRT!!!


Anyways. I covered the pans with foil. Now they can pop to their seedy little hearts' content, and NOT get all over my oven. Yay.

I also finished my cross stitch this evening! I'll post again once I have some pictures of it. I am pleased. Lhu didn't eat the floss this time, so I was able to finish. ^_^

And off to pull the seeds!

*nommy nommy nommy...*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Koffee, Math & Cross stitch

Back at the Horseshoe, this time without company, so Britt can work on math in peace & I can do... whatever I want. I actually miss having homework... -_-; Going to haul out the cross stitch here in a minute & finish it up. I have the light blue, well, lighter blue really, to do & then I'm done. ^_^ Yay! Another project almost complete!!! I also need to post some bread & pumpkin pics onto facebook, so Emily won't kill me... meep... Off I go for now... Another post with pictures as soon as the cross stitch is done & I get home to snap a pic. Today is going to continue being a great day! ^____^

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!!! ^_^

So I finally carved my pumpkin today... Yes, I am fully aware that Halloween was almost two weeks ago... But I didn't get to carve it that night, so it's been sitting in my kitchen all forlorn like, until I decided that TODAY would be the day. And what a day it was. It took me five hours (I shit you not... O_o;) to start & finish this pumpkin. My fingertips are sore & raw from holding the carving nib in them, as I couldn't find the pen they screw into...
-_- #...
Oh well. I'm really not complaining!!! I'm happier 'n a pig in mud with how my beloved pumpkin turned out. Now, without further ado, here are some (read: A shit load...) of pics! Huzzah!!!

First, though, before the pumpkins, Me & Lhu... nap time... ^___^

The difference in seed sizes, shapes, etc... On the right, your average pumpkin seed. On the left, a seed from my blue-ish green pumpkin.

Oooooo... Pretty colors... 0_0

Pretty-ness, nyo... I love how the rind is light blue-ish, green-ish grey, the under layer is deep teal & the flesh is yellow then golden orange. Hey, I'm easy to please...

Above shot to see her head band.

Side view of the fan... Her hand & the snakes were the hardest.

Side view of her head...

Macha... lmao...


Aaaaand more pumpkin pics... ^_______^

I'm beginning to worry that I'll not be able to cut her up for bread & pie... I suppose I will in the morning. I think I'm done for the night... As soon as the bread's out of the oven, I'm heading to bed. I'm a sleepy miich. I'd originally planned to make dolls today, but the pumpkin took far longer than I anticipated... So dolls will be for tomorrow. Well, later today, technically. Off to cross stitch until bread is done. Or maybe sleep in between letting the dough rise & baking... hmmmmm... I think sleep...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Grrrr... Arrrrggg...

Urg... I feel kinda like a zombii... =_=;
I worked 12s Saturday & Sunday, and go back to work tonight & tomorrow for eight hours... I should be in be right now, but there's a whole bunch of stuff I'd rather be doing than sleeping... That, and my bread's in the oven. I suppose I can sleep after it's out? I don't know. I hate having to sleep... it's such a waste of time. Oh well. I'll have Wednesday, Thursday & Friday off, so I can craft to my heart's content then. Going to cross stitch until the bread's done. As long as I at least get a nap in before work, I'll be ok. So until I feel less brain dead, auf wiederzein...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Started AND finished all in one day!!! O_O

I finally started & finished my first spirit doll! (All in the same day... omg... a pig just flew by my window o_o;) lolz...

For my kitty, Kyo-kun, whom I dearly love & miss:

Close up of his head...

And this one, just because I think it looks cool... ^_^

I am so happy with how he turned out, I could just pop. ^___^

Now to clean up my crafting mess... O_o; Don't want to leave any beads or string lying about for Lhu to nom on... -_-; That cat's like a two year old... EVERYTHING goes into his mouth... lol...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Are you kidding me??? O_o;

Please check out this link, then sign the petition. Yes, my panties are all up in a bunch about this. Halloween is my favourite holiday, not to mention Britt's & my anniversary... gah...

Bread Pics!!! (yes... I'm a nerd...) : D


And now for two adorable kitties... Phiphi & Lhu... Macha is hiding... lolz.

^ (Cthu)Lhu... My little Destroyer of Worlds... He's so sweet when he's all sleepy... ^-^

^ Looking more like the Elder-god-possessed cat we all know & love... XD

^ Phiphi snuggled into a nice fuzzy blanket... he's a sucker for anything fuzzy. ^-^

Macha, our female cat, is having attitude as per usual, and won't be bothered to come out from wherever she's napping to get her pic taken. But hey, would I expect anything else from her? Absolutely not! Really though, she's wonderful & lovey... and adorably protective of our house & porch... She's super cute when she gets up in the window & glares at the passing outside cats until they run far enough away from our place that she feels they're no longer a possible threat... ^-^ She's pluffy like Lhu is, but black with red & brown in her fur.

Enough pics & blogging!!! Go work on your dolls!



Ok, ok! I'm going!

Bread, bread & more bread...

I've had so much koffee, I may never hold still again... I've drank almost the entire pot to myself... o_o lolz... The bread I made for supper is done. And oh-so-tasty! I added sunflower seeds this time, and Britt says that it's a win. Yay! The cinnamon swirl bread is in the oven... It smells so good... I can't wait for it to be baked & cooled enough to cut... Mmmmmm. Talked to my mom for a bit, and got my grandma's apple bread recipe. Going to give that a whirl later tonight, after I go to the store & get eggs. I need to find out who at work has chickens, so I can get eggs from them instead.

Anyways! I feel like making dolls... So I think I shall. I've got my poor old witch still waiting for a body, and a spirit doll I'm going to make for Kyo... I've got some fur of his in a box (I found it when he got outside at our old house & got in a fight with another cat...) and I've wanted to do something super special with it. Knickertwist makes these awesome little dolls she calls "Spirit Dolls", and I absolutely LOVE them! They're so neat (and creepy : D)! She uses Spanish Moss for the wrapping around the bones or twigs, but I decided that using Kyo's fur will be the perfect thing to use on his doll instead of moss. I miss him so much. T_T

Anyways... again... ^_^ It's raining like there's no tomorrow outside, & still insanely windy. I am loving this weather! 20 more minutes & the cinnamon swirl bread will be done. YAY!!! Then we shall finally carve our pumpkins & bake the seeds... Mmmmmm... so good... Going to call Katie to see what exactly she sprinkled on her seeds... They were the best seeds I've ever had.... ^-^ Off to play with pumpkins! Miich!

November is upon us!

The Wheel turns a bit more
The skies are grey, the wind blows
The leaves flee from each tree limb
The wild wind stripping them from branch & bough.

It's November! And from the look & sound of things outside, the wind is indeed doing it's best to make all the trees bare by morning. ^_^ I love the wind! Washing the dishes I need to make bread... regular supper bread, cinnamon swirl bread & apple bread from my Grandmother's recipe. So tasty! I eventually need to go to the store to get eggs & milk tonight, but I don't need them at the moment, so I'll probably go later, when there aren't as many people there. ^_^ Off to my dishes & bread! ^-^

Monday, November 02, 2009


Here's some of the pics we got yesterday...

^ Auntie Mel in her school outfit... love the socks... ^_^

^ Grandma with her band in the 1960s-ish (?)

^ Grandma in the 1950s... we think...

^ Britt's Grandpa, Darrell, on the left, with his brother.

^ Grandma with Britt's mom, Kelly, on her lap.

^ Aunt Cindy in her roller skating ensemble. She kicked major ass in the rink. ^_^

^ Britt's Great Grandfather, Percy Garland Jackson in 1919.

Below is Grandma's band picture... she still has the trumpet (somewhere... ^-^)

^Auntie Mel at the Oklahoma City public pool when she's about 10.

^Auntie Mel in her infamous Marching Band uniform... Britt & I have heard numerous horror stories about this awful thing over & over, but no one knew if it really existed... until now... O_O

^ Granny Jack, Britt's Great Grandmother. Born Geneva Blankenship, she married Percy Jackson.

^ And last but not least, this is Auntie Mel & Uncle Herman (on drums) in Herman's band... Despite the awful outfits, they rocked. Mel has one of the best voices ever. She's currently busy giving the Angel Choir a run for their money... ^_~

We got quite a few others, but these are the best ones. I hope anyone who sees these enjoys them.

I'm off to make some bread now, so that I may feed the Britty when she gets up from her nap. ^_^ And then we're off to the Horseshoe for koffee & homework.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!