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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wreath Pics!!!

I was very productive yesterday! I made a HUGE pot of soup, tasty bread and finished the wreath for my front door. I also had Lauren over for dinner, and that was fun. Anywho, here's some pictures of my wreath. I'm pleased with it, as it's my first attempt at anything along these lines. Listening to Nightmare Before Christmas as it plays in the living room. Oh how I love this movie... ^_^ Going to go buy Tokyo Godfathers on pay day, as it is the best anime holiday movie ever. Off to finish my soup and then to cookie cutters! Yay!!! ^_____^

Oh yes... and here's the wreath pics... lolz... almost forgot them... ^_~

^ A close up of the paper stars I strung on as a garland.

^ The little moon ornament I stuck on, as I didn't feel like stringing any more stars, but had a slightly nekkid spot on my wreath. ^__^ I made it a while ago & it's been sitting in my cabinet just waiting for something. Apparently it was waiting for my wreath...

^ The whole thing. I love the "Beware" in fake blood... We hung that on our door Halloween 2008, and liked it so well that we just leave it up all year round... XD

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