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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Post from this morning...

So while at BTC, waiting for Britt to finish her math final, I was stranded without internet. Woe is me… Anywho, I figured I’d just type out my journal entry here in MS Word, and then post once I got back to civilization… ^_~

We spent the night at Lauren’s house last night, Britt studying, me alternately helping, reading yaoi (squeeeeee!!!), poking at my computer & napping on Lauren’s sorry excuse for a love seat. Seriously… it’s made of wicker, which while nice for summer lawn furniture, doesn’t cut it for a napping place… =_=;

Going to do all the crafting today that I didn’t get to do yesterday, as we spent seven hours yesterday at Lauren’s followed by a few hours at home napping, then back to said best friend’s house for the night, starting at 2130… She is so wonderful. We love her. ^____^

Poor Britt’s so exhausted from all the studying she’s been doing. She’s been doing nothing but study, work & sleep for the past few days, with only the occasional knitting break in between math problems. I’m so proud of her for working so hard! ^_^ And today, as soon as she’s done with her test, it will all be over… at least until next quarter.

After I dropped her off for her test at 0900, I went on a walk along one of the gorgeous trails here in Bellingham. I spent some time talking to my mom, whom I miss SO much… and then I ran around the parking lot collecting branches from pine trees that the wind has blown down over the past few days. I can’t have a Yule tree, due to rabid attack cats & an allergic Britt, but I am going to have a wreath!!! Even if I have to hang it outside, I will be happy. ^_____^ I’m thinking about decorating the railing on the porch too… ^_^
I found some great branches! A few have pine cones still attached! One branch has 9 or 10 pine cones! I’m so excited, I could just pop. *squeeeeeee!!!*
I also need to go collect some twigs to make my wooden star garland! I’m so gleefully excited for all this, I might very well explode. I shall post pics as soon as anything gets started/done. Yay!!!

And as I was gazing happily at the sky today, I noticed clouds… Lovely, DARK, hopefully snow filled clouds… We might finally get some snow!!! YAY!!!

I wish I had my scarf with me to work on today… But I left it home last night on the table, and I’m hoping (Cthu)Lhu hasn’t shredded it in my absence… I will cry if anything has happened to my scarf (I’ve worked so hard!), but in all fairness, I shouldn’t have left it within kitty reach… Oh well. I’m not going to worry about it now. I shall see as soon as I get home. Kinda chilly, and kinda hungry… and strangely enough, I’m wishing for a cup of ramen… O_o So I’m off to see if I can find one. Have a lovely day everybody, and Blessed be! ^___^

Side note: I found my beloved cup of ramen! Blessings upon the Japanese for inventing something so delish! : D

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