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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sitting here in my office, enjoying the calm before the impending 1900 staffing storm, thinking about food, fat, body image, etc... Contemplating how difficult it can be to eat well while at work. Thinking about going to go fill my water bottle back up, and wanting a diet Pepsi. I have a difficult relationship with food. Very much so a love/hate type of thing. I love to cook and bake, I love to eat. I unfortunately tend to over eat, and that is where my problems lie. Like right now... I'm not hungry, not really. I could eat, but I don't need to. Yet in some ways, I want to. They are serving my favorite dish in the caffeteria tonight for dinner... the beloved Taco Salad... I brought soup with me in case they weren't serving anything good, but I LOVE the taco salad. Actually, in the car on the way here, I decided that as I had brought dinner along with me tonight, I wasn't to buy food. I may purchase a soda and an energy drink.

So I didn't buy taco salad, as much as it enticed me. I did, however, get a diet pepsi & an amp. Alrighty. Off to the rest of staffing and then off to lunch at 1930. I'll probably pop back in tonight sometime to check all the wonderful posts I've missed while I've been away. Zya!

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