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Monday, December 14, 2009


I am in a rediculously GREAT mood. And I have no idea why. ^_^ Perhaps it's because I decorated the vase full of Pussy Willow branches in my office... yes, that actually might be it. It's awesome. I shall attempt to post a picture of it... Anywho. Staffing is going wonderfully so far this evening. I am pleased. I hear that it is snowing buckets in Blaine, and hope we get some here too. That would be just lovely. ^_^ Well then, off to finish making phone calls for South Campus for tonight... And then off to lunch at 1930. Yay!

Having issues posting the pic... I shall continue trying.


  1. glad the evening went well for ya! Did you get a lot of snow??

  2. No, we didn't get much. We did get a nice bit of rain though. And it's considerably warmer outside tonight. No more snow for now. Perhaps more later? ^_^ Hope you guys are having a good winter so far!


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