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Monday, December 21, 2009


Just read about Pattee's friend Renee, which reminded me of my grandmother, aunt & cat, all of whom I've lost to that vile monster, Cancer. I miss them. So much. I'm lighting a special candle for Renee tonight. For someone I've never met, never spoken to, I feel the need to send her all my love, strength, well wishes & most of all hope. I'm sitting here crying like a baby, with my cats all staring at me like I've finally lost it. I'm hoping Britt doesn't wake up, as I'll have to explain to her why I'm leaking tears everywhere... I originally intended to post a Happy Yule post, but that will have to come later I think. Right now, I'm off to light candles. Love, hugs & happiness to all, especially Renee, her family & loved ones & Pattee. *HUGS* to you all.

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