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Monday, December 14, 2009

...Mew... No, I don't know either...

Arg! I don't want it to be 1300 already! I have to be at work at 1500... meh. It's still cold & a wee bit snowy, but we didn't get as much snow as I was hoping for... Rumor has it that there is more to come tonight, but we'll have to wait & see. Vaguely worried that people will be calling in sick left & right if we do get more snow, but I guess that can't be helped. Not worth worrying over now.

I can, however, worry about going to the dentist tomorrow... I'm going to have two root canals & two cavities filled... My appointment block is two and a half hours. The receptionist said that since I get there at 0700, I should be out by 1000 at the latest.
I. Am. Terrified.
Meep... O_O

Sigh... It has to be done, I suppose, and sooner rather than later at that. Meh...

Well it's off to shower, then perhaps to make some more paper stars for my wreath's garland... then off to work. Meh. First I'm going to take something for this horrid headache that just popped up out of no where. Until next time, everybody stay warm & Blessed be. ^_^

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