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Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

The sugar cookie dough is mixed & chilling out on my porch, as my fridge is full (mostly of soup...) and it apparently requires chilling before baking. ^_^ Listening to Damh the Bard's album Spirit of Albion & The Hills They are Hollow. I love his music. Decided against making cookie cutters at the moment, and am going to cut out my shapes free hand. I am so excited for Cthulhu cookies... I could just pop. XD I shall post pics as soon as I have them frosted. I think I'll make some Elder Sign cookies too... Off to figure out what I'm going to put into Britt's and my Solstice tentacles... (as opposed to Christman stockings... lmao...) Happy creating, baking & mess-making!

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