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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy (belated) Holidays! ^_^

It was so nice to log on today and see all the wonderful holiday posts from all the amazing people here in the online world. It's nice to feel connected to people all over the place. ^_^ Happy Holidays to all you wonderful people who inspire and amaze me daily. Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of yourselves! ^_____^

As xmas eve was insane in trying to get stuff done before heading to the in-law's, and xmas day we worked little butts off (we started our New Year's cleaning early...), I haven't even turned my poor, neglected computer on since the 23rd. So, I figure that now, at work with not a whole lot to do at the moment, would be a good time to jot down a few thoughts. ^_^

Again, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc. to any and everyone! I hope your holidays were as nice as mine, if not better.

We had a good time at Britt's parents' house, despite the fact that her mom, who has mental health issues, has decided that she can no longer celebrate Christmas (even though she professes to be a devout Christian), as it is an evil pagan holiday. -_-#
She also now believes that the Bible told her that Christmas trees are evil. When Britt asked her how she came to this conclusion, she was told that "It's in the root of the word "idoltry," (pronoucing it "idol-tree"). The word I'm assuming she was refering to is idolatry, and I still don't quite know what to make of this. She seems to be under the impression that idolatry is the worship of trees as idols or something. I was absolutely floored when Britt told me this after we got home that night. It makes me so sad that she's so grossly misinterpreting the Bible to the point where she now believes that a Christian holiday is evil, and therefore must be shunned. All of her craziness and her resulting behavior can make life difficult & makes me sad, but now that she talks to God on the phone using her sister Pam as a conduit, things have gotten so much worse.

Anyways... sigh... It was still a nice time with family, even though it was, as always, a bit strange. ^_^

Britt and I have had the best winter holidays EVER this year! We've loved every minute of it. This is saying quite a bit, as we both usually HATE the winter/winter holidays. We both have had such a good winter so far. Britt actually voluntarily put on xmas music yesterday... I just about died of shock... XD

We've decided to make it a tradition, loosely based on my parents' tradition, of getting all the family/visiting obligations out of the way on xmas eve, and then keeping xmas day all to ourselves. Unlike my parents, however, we're going to use xmas day to get a jump start on our New Year's cleaning every year. This way, as the old year goes out, so do all the energies, messes, stresses, etc., making way for the New Year and the infinite possibilities that come with it. We worked our asses off yesterday, and had a lot of fun cleaning together. We actually had quite a blast. ^_^
We ingested a few pots of koffee, and away we went! We cleared out and then scrubbed the fridge & freezer, did dishes & laundry, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms, cleaned the porch & got the rose ready for the winter. I can't wait to get home today and go at it again. At this rate we'll be finished long before New Year's eve! ^_^

I get to go grocery shopping today for soup ingredients. Yay! I'm excited. I love making soup & bread. Makes me super happy. ^_^

Anywho. I'm off to either poke at my scarf (it's almost done!!!) or poke at my book (it's alomst done!!!). Either way, I'm hoping to finish something today. ^_^

Have a wonderful day everyone & Blessed be. ^_^

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