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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dramatic Muckety Muck...

Trying to not let my good mood completely evaporate in light of recent news that a co worker of mine has been running around telling people we work with that I'm after her job. Apparently someone pulled the House Manager aside last night and was asking her if she'd heard yet that "Annalee is trying to take _______'s job"... Funny thing is, I already have the same job that my co worker has. The only difference, starting in January, will be which seven days every pay period that I'll work. I really don't get why people do stuff like this. I know she was upset when our manager asked if she'd be willing to switch a few days in our schedules around. But after that episode, our manager backed off and isn't making her switch anything. I don't get it. Why would she tell people I'm trying to take her job? It doesn't make any sense. Sigh... I'm not even mad... just upset that she'd paint me that way to people we both work with...

Anywho... I don't want to dwell on it, so I won't. I'm going to talk to my manager tomorrow, as I don't feel this kind of behavior is appropriate or should be tolerated. I don't want anyone to get into trouble, just perhaps have it suggested that they should be more careful as to what they say, as things get around quickly here.

And now that I got that out of my system...

I'm super excited that tonight's my last shift until Saturday day shift. ^____^ yay!!! I plan on not sleeping for three days and doing nothing but crafting. W00t. I'm going to get my sewing machine fixed, sew Lauren's doll bedding, poke at my doll's clothing to be, finish my scarf & hopefully sew a doll. Or two. Squee! I'm so excited to get home and start my crafting binge... ^_________^
I love day dreaming about all the fun stuff to craft... It maketh me a happy miich. And now, back to work. Not that I'm really doing anything tonight. I'm just here to make sure that Kat has back up on her last noc shift of training. She's doing awesome! ^_^ I'm happy that Terry hired her. I think she'll be an awesome asset for the Staffing office. W00t again.

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  1. my response to your first paragraph OMG ::eye roll:: GAH!

    and...CRAFT BINGING! WHOO HOO! I like Kat as well, she seems to get it and she's outgoing which will go a long way in helping her.

    the other one...well...I'm not so sure about her.


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