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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And now for that "Happy Yule" Post...

Since I didn't get to it last night, I figured I'd just do it now... ^_^ We were up for a good portion of the night last night, with only one candle burning. After a few hours, I lit all my candles and we let them burn until dawn. We managed to fall asleep on the futon a little before dawn, but oh well. We gave it a go. ^_^ It was a nice night all around. We sipped eggnog, which I'm again sipping now, and I had some decidedly tasty Elderberry honey wine, a bit of which exploded all over me & my kitchen. I was amused. And sticky. I scrubbed my walls, but there's still some stains... I think I'll have to haul out the bleach... Anywho.

I'm sick again (actually, I don't think I ever got better all the way from last time...), and once again producing far too much mucus for anyone's good. But I shall survive. Stuffy noses & sinuses aren't much more than an inconvenience, and the only thing that concerns me is that my inner ears hurt... I shall buy some ear candles on Thursday, and I think that those should help.

I did promise cookie pics, and I do indeed have them... they are snazzy. I'll post them tomorrow, as I'm not sure what Britt did with the camera, more specifically the memory card there in. So I shall have to go in search.

Well then, I'm off to the shower after finding something to wear to work tonight... meh. I so wish I could just wear scrubs... I LOVE scrubs... so comfy. ^-^

Anywho, again... I hope everyone had a wonderful Solstice, and that you have wonderful holidays this lovely winter season, which ever ones you celebrate! Happy Holidays, and may peace, love, joy & hope find their way into your lives. Blessed be! ^_______^

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