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Saturday, November 14, 2009

WooHOOOO!!! The pumpkin seeds are in the oven! Topped with honey, Johnny salt, pepper, oregano & a few with awesome Vietnamese hot sauce, I can hardly wait!

O_O omfg... I just learned that pumpkin seeds explode when exposed to high heat... I went into the kitchen to investigate strange popping sounds, as if mice with guns were dueling by the dishwasher... Actually, I thought it was Lhu, getting into something he probably shouldn't be. So I went in, thinking, "What the hell is he doing now???" Nope. Not him (for once...). He was fast asleep beneath the table, and I (stupidly) opened the oven, only to get snipped at by bursting seeds! ACK! HIT THE DIRT!!!


Anyways. I covered the pans with foil. Now they can pop to their seedy little hearts' content, and NOT get all over my oven. Yay.

I also finished my cross stitch this evening! I'll post again once I have some pictures of it. I am pleased. Lhu didn't eat the floss this time, so I was able to finish. ^_^

And off to pull the seeds!

*nommy nommy nommy...*

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