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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving & Menarche Art!

Happy Turkey Day to everyone in the U.S. ! And a very happy Un-birthday to everyone else! ^-^

I've had some amazing & slightly off colour inspiration for two up coming art projects, both of which will be collaborative with Britt. I can't wait for tomorrow ('cause it's payday, not because it's Black Friday... which I dread... =_=;) I'm going to go buy a bunch of panties & paint them. With what, you may ask??? Well... you'll just have to wait & see. And then I'm going to make a bullet belt... outta tampons. No, not used. Well, probably not used... ^-^ If you'd like to understand my inspirations for the aforementioned projects, check out this website. It's awesome. Or, if you want to go straight to the art, go here. Remember! An open mind is a wonderful thing to have. Try to think & look beyond our enculturation. I think it's extremely important for menstruation to lose all the stigma that's been attached to it. It's disgusting how society has turned something beautiful, natural & normal (albeit sometimes uncomfortable & painful) into something dirty that "needs" to be hidden, sanitized, hushed up, not spoken about, feared, loathed, dreaded, hated, etc.
Menarche used to be a celebrated event. Something that was looked forward to, as the doorway into womyn-hood. Something to be proud of. We need to stop shaming our daughters, sisters, mothers into silence, and allow this aspect of our womyn-hood to once again be a cause for celebration.

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