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Monday, November 02, 2009


Here's some of the pics we got yesterday...

^ Auntie Mel in her school outfit... love the socks... ^_^

^ Grandma with her band in the 1960s-ish (?)

^ Grandma in the 1950s... we think...

^ Britt's Grandpa, Darrell, on the left, with his brother.

^ Grandma with Britt's mom, Kelly, on her lap.

^ Aunt Cindy in her roller skating ensemble. She kicked major ass in the rink. ^_^

^ Britt's Great Grandfather, Percy Garland Jackson in 1919.

Below is Grandma's band picture... she still has the trumpet (somewhere... ^-^)

^Auntie Mel at the Oklahoma City public pool when she's about 10.

^Auntie Mel in her infamous Marching Band uniform... Britt & I have heard numerous horror stories about this awful thing over & over, but no one knew if it really existed... until now... O_O

^ Granny Jack, Britt's Great Grandmother. Born Geneva Blankenship, she married Percy Jackson.

^ And last but not least, this is Auntie Mel & Uncle Herman (on drums) in Herman's band... Despite the awful outfits, they rocked. Mel has one of the best voices ever. She's currently busy giving the Angel Choir a run for their money... ^_~

We got quite a few others, but these are the best ones. I hope anyone who sees these enjoys them.

I'm off to make some bread now, so that I may feed the Britty when she gets up from her nap. ^_^ And then we're off to the Horseshoe for koffee & homework.

Happy Dia de los Muertos!

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