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Sunday, November 01, 2009

November & on to more winter...

Britt's & my 6th anniversary was yesterday, and it was rather nice. We went to Stony Ridge Farm, like we do every year, and picked apples, pumpkins & grapes, and bought some cider. We then went to Trick-or-Treat her Grandma, like we always do, and we were treated to more than just candy. We got to see the photo albums that we've been hoping to see for ever & a day. We were even more lucky in that her grandma actually allowed us to take them home & then to Walgreens to scan & make copies of the pics we wanted... o_o we were shocked & so happy! We now have pics of Britt's grandma, great grandma, grandpa, great grandpa, various great aunts & uncles, and lots of pics of Aunty Mel. ^____^ It was kind of difficult for us not to get 8x10s of all the pics of Mel... She is missed so much. We made copies of two of the pics we found of Mel and brought them over to Shelby & Mandy. One was of Mel in middle school in her marching band uniform and the other was of Mel when she was 10, at a public pool in Oklahoma. Both are priceless. We got quite a few copies of various pics, and now all we need to do is get frames so we can hang them up. I'm working on getting more pics of my family as well... I feel like so much history has been lost in the deaths of my grandparents, and I'm afraid to lose any more.

Still working on my Dia de los Muertos altar & stuff. We're going to the graveyard tomorrow to picninc with Aunty Mel, and visit Britt's grandpa, Aunt Cheryl and Great Grandma. Hopefully, it won't rain on us... ^___^

Getting ready to watch Easy Virtue, which looks like it'll be really funny, and then perhaps a bit of crafting before we go to the gym tonight. After the gym, more crafting will commence, until about 0500, when we'll go to the Horseshoe for koffee & breakfast... and for Britt to do homework. My carpal tunnel is telling me to stop typing now, so I'm going to go make some popcorn & put up some of the pics we copied yesterday. And then watch my movie. >^_^<

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